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The mind is your laboratory


While lying awake at 2:45 this morning, I found myself trying to fold my contious state into a dream state. This works if I'm tired enough. Much of managing T is about keeping the mind busy. Maybe it's that song you imagine playing over and over in your head or maybe it's problem solving for a project in the day to come.

Whatever you use to distract yourself, your brain is at your command and is exploring new ways to process information alongside the T symptoms. I've learned to shut down the random thumping in either ear. The high pitched whistling seems to move around in my brain as if I'm chasing it.

Most great discoveries were first imagined. Perhaps the secrets of T will be discovered by those who know it well and will map its behavior through the minds eye.

For sure I will eventually tire of the pursuit, but embrace it. As with all worthy quests, it builds character and even more stamina. I've let go of the fear and am getting to know the explorer in my mind as a friend and colleague.

Clinicians will tell you to ignore it. It may seem like they are brushing you off but actually, they are trying to lead you to the best method they have to date. Yes it may be so loud you can't ignore it, but you might be surprised at the ability your brain has to cope with things. For me this happens in bits but every bit helps.

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Well said, couldn’t agree more! All the best😊


Thank you for sharing such a positive insight on living with your tinnitus. The mind is indeed an amazing thing.

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

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