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Art therapy


One of the methods for coping with T is distraction. Keeping the mind busy on other things. There is an area of study called "flow states". I'm an artist and find this to be the only time I can escape the symptoms of my disease. As my T ratchets up to what I would consider Meneire's, I view it as motivation to, reach farther as an artist, giving even more resolve to my artistic intentions. While in "the flow" the brain releases natural stimulants that enhance performance and devopment.

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Hi there,

A very interesting post. I have been a keen amateur artist for many years and I agree with you. I find when I am painting, I almost forget the raging tinnitus I have going on and I firmly believe it is all down to distracting the brain. I can find the same level of distraction by playing musical instruments so the " flow state" must be achievable through other activities which involve concentration. I am sure this will encourage other tinnitus sufferers to consider taking up a new hobby.

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