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Ear fullness/clicking when swallowing/unable to pop ears



I've had noise induced tinnitus for over a year now, unfortunately it worsened after a second noise exposure but slowly habituating and keeping positive :)

I just wondered if anyone else had any of the following symptoms along with their tinnitus, such as a fullness feeling in the ears, a hissing/clicking when swallowing/inability to pop ears? It feels as though there is maybe something more going on rather than simply noise induced tinnitus. I've had it checked and they can't find any middle ear fluid and the pressure within my ears seems fairly normal.

Just thought I'd reach out to see if anyone has had the same experiences/has any advice?

Hannah :)

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I have had tinnitus for a while now and apparently the fullness in the ears as though they want to pop is common.

Hi, I'v had tinnitus since March and only started to get ear fullness in June but it seems to be a common thing.the ear clicking would suggest tubes aren't working problem.

Thanks Michael

HannahB1 in reply to Michael8272

Thanks Michael! I've had my tubes tested and apparently all the pressure is equal and there's no inner ear liquid or tube blockage - it definitely doesn't feel that way! But hey ho life goes on :)

Teddyboy17 in reply to HannahB1

Have your ears cleared. Was it 1 or both ears? I have similar symptoms but they are sending me for MRI scan to rule out lesion . How did they test for fluid ?

I get clicking popping and sometimes loud banging in my ear with pain everything normal with ears checked! Hearing loss in one ear probable cause of my tinnitus per range

Hi Hannah yes I have exact same symptoms

Did you have any improvement Hannah

Hi Hannah

How are you now?

I have had what started between Christmas and new year as BPPV (a type of virtigo where crystals/rocks in the semi circular canals dislodged, in my right ear. Had to have the epley manoeuvre which moves them along the canal and flushed them out. A week later I felt like I had a bit of an ache around my right ear, not sore though. Saw the doctor and they said my eardrum was retracted and some fluid behind my ear go get some Sudafed and steam inhalation. Which I did. It got terrible the next few days. Went back my ears were congealed with dried out mucus all the way up the Eustachian tubes all the way up to the back of the ear drum. Turns out the doctor shouldn’t have advised Sudafed as it caused it to be worse. I have a swollen left side of the face with altered sensation. The left is the worse. It has been swollen for nearly six weeks. I have had nasal steroids for four weeks and I’m getting really fed up now. Doc wants to try top whack oral steroids and then send me to ENT. I have had tinnitus since beginning of feb and I literally can not take much more of it!!!

Since my tubes have got a bit better than feeling like they’d been filled with quick drying cement, the pressure has gone from feeling like having something sat in the outside of your ear to like something g pulling at them from the inside. Every time I swollow it’s horrendous crackling, which sometimes sends the pitch of the tinnitus up a notch 😩. I can pop them, right better than left but left is more of build up through the tube and a choosh if that makes sense, and I have to keep putting my finger in my ears every five seconds to release some sort of pressure buildup and just move my finger slightly and it does something to the pressure but nothing of any actual benefit. I just want them to put a hole in the eardrum and jet wash the darn tubes, and this darn tinnitus to go away 🙏🏻

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