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Hello My T friends


Hi All, just quick hello guys it’s been a little while. No my T has not improved at all maybe a little louder in fact. Ups n downs like always you lot know the script. Back to the docs on the 11th sept trying find answers not much chance but we have to keep trying right. Looks like my scream is going nowhere but remember you lot NEVER EVER GIVE UP. We are all the same but all different in ways, but at the end of the day we are all in the same boat. Ow I’m going on my hols in a couple of weeks 9hrs flight 2 weeks. Excited but scared at the same time anyway that’s enough of that. May I take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you lot, the very very best. By for now.

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Hi,hope you have a great holiday,can't believe how many on here's tinnitus has all spiked recently.mines gone up again a bit more today.its driving me mad.been with doctor and he says I have fluid behind the ear drum from the flying because I flew with sinus problem due to hayfever, I definitely wouldn't have went on holiday if I would of knew I would end like this.

Hi Michael, I’m no different mine has spiked but we must solider on mate. I’m going because I refuse to let this T rule my life so good luck lad and remember one day we will get answers. Cheers


I’ve just arrived in Florida on holiday , flight was no problem, my t is as loud as ever, but with all the distractions I’m not going to let it stop me having a good time. You’re right, we have to get on with life and not let it beat us. Hope you have an amazing holiday

Hi Scarlett, you have a lovely time and chill believe me I know it’s hard at times but don’t let this get at you. One day we will get answers but until then just solider on. Good luck and again have a fabulous time.

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