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New tinnitus??its unbearable im so worried!!!

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This is my third post but im really struggling guys

My tinnitus literally changed daily last week and got louder and louder in pitch and volume and its unbearable in both ears left ear is even higher than right.its never changed so much so quick before.iv got more and more anxious as its changed so much.iv just watched couple videos on youtube but was from years ago and said anxiety and stress do affect it and make it louder but i cant calm down and its on my mind altime as cant block it out n i have bad hissing habit what i do to try block it out i sound like a snake lol

I dont want to blame myself for tinnitus getting worse but obviously cos iv got so stressed and anxious its made it worse but i must be more stressed than i realise for it to get this bad i know iv had lot stress over years with my health n tinnitus but never changed tinnitus before so i know im focusing on it having panic attacks again too but just cant focus on owt else i always thought was loud but i know now this is worst iv ever had it n does feel is my new tinnitus n im so scared it only 30years old had it from 21 but is defining my life!!😢

16 Replies
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Hi there,

If you havent already I would arrange to see my may need something to help get your anxiety in check first.....not a long term fix but were only human and cant do it all on our own. Your GP may prescribe something that will calm your brain/anxiety down long enough to give you breathing space. I, thankfully havent needed it yet, but despite being reluctant to go down that route...I would have no hesitation to do so when / should that time come.

Best wishes and take care,


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Reminderelf30 in reply to Shellipops

Thank you for your reply shellipops

I saw my gp monday and shes started me back on citalopram 20mg once a day but medication doesnt work for me.i have fibromyalgia and many other health conditions with it so medication either doesnt work or i have bad reactions.

I will give citalopram another ago but it wont treat the cause which is the tinnitus.Its just weird how iv had so much anxiety and stress over the years been ill from 21 and never changed the tinnitus then since last week it changed daily and never been this bad or loud and its awful

Hope ur ok x

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Hi Reminderelf30,

I totally understand how you are feeling. Have you had a look at videos by Julian Cowan Hill on you tube? I found his approach and manner helped me calm down.

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Reminderelf30 in reply to richard56

Hi richard56 thank you for your reply

Yes iv started watching juliam cowan hill youtube videos

I just wish my tinnitus would calm down but seems is going to be my new tinnitus its so loud and awful and never changed daily till last week and still keeps flaring and hyperacusis is much worse now

Hope ur ok x

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hi reminderelf30. im so sorry for you I do know how you feel though as mine goes loud then really loud too, you should see a doc not that most are much help but maybe you need to get some medication to help. just to take edge off it calm you down a bit,i know not easy with T theres been lots of times ive been cracking up as mine so loud but ive just had to try and do things to take mind off it, my T is so loud sometimes that planes landing at airport near my house pass over very low and my T is louder than them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive other health probs too 1 is constant right now and things they tell you to do like go for a walk or do some exercise , I cant right now on top of afew other things im not good but I know if I didn't have T they would be minor and id be able to cope better. T is a terrible afflicition and it should def be made a priority in mental health issues as the effects as you and I and millions of others know screw you up mentally I do hope you speak to your doc get some amatryptaline or similar take care try and stay strong, craw.

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Reminderelf30 in reply to drumcraw

Hi drumcraw thanks for your reply

I feel the same way as you in sense if i didnt have the tinnitus the other health problems would seem less minor.

I saw my gp monday and shes started me back on citalopram 20mg once a day but medication doesnt work for me.i have fibromyalgia and many other health conditions with it so medication either doesnt work or i have bad reactions but ill give it a go again.

Hope ur ok x

P.s im on amitriptyline on a night been on it quite while

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I know what you're going through you're not alone I'm going through the same thing. And not only that I have OCD with harm that's two battle that I have to fight. I have hearing aid with masking sometimes they help and sometimes they don't.

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Reminderelf30 in reply to Freddy17

Thanks for your reply freddy17

Its good to know im not alone glad i can speak to people on here

Iv just got some oticon sound generators from nottingham hospital but im struggling with the white noise sound and feel like i can hear buzzing with the white noise although mu tinnitus is ringing and buzzing its definitely coming from generator(i dont think any white noise is nice) but my hyperacusis so bad though and picking up on alsorts so nothing sounding nice or relaxing

Hope ur ok x

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My tinnitus is the same my left ear is not too bad but the whistling in my right amplified the sound and it’s driving me mad very hard to concentrate when tinnitus is raging and impossible to describe how it affects or rules your life

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Reminderelf30 in reply to Sweeper

Hi sweeper

Sorry your tinnitus is driving you mad i feel exactly same dont know how to cope with it its crazily loud in both ears and my hyperacusis sound sensitivity as got much worse all sounds are irritating me and can hear things others cant like im crazy im not my ears just on high alert altime now

Hope ur ok x

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Sweeper in reply to Reminderelf30

I was at audiology this morning to get both my new hearing aids fitted so far all good tinnitus is bearable so am hoping this works

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I can completely empathize with you. You feel boxed-in to the point where you think there is no way that it will get better. The first thing you have to do is find a way to calm down. The panic attacks and anxiety only heighten the severity of the tinnitus. Seeing your GP for the temporary use of medication will definitely help. Also get your GP to give you a referral to see an ENT. You might also consider finding an audiologist who has experience with Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. The acquisition of hearing aids might be pricey, but you might be covered under insurance. I have been undergoing this treatment for a year and I believe that there has been an improvement in the severity of the condition and how I psychologically approach my situation.

Trust me, it will improve to the point that you will be able to cope and move on with your life. It will get better. Take control!!!

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Reminderelf30 in reply to getchegary

Hi getchegary thank you for your reply

Im not sure how i can get my anxiety down apart from wearing white noise generators distracting me bit but also feel like i can hear like buzzing in them so it is irritating me and only got them tues in nottingham and cant keep travelling down

Iv seen my gp and back on citalopram but medication isnt for me and isnt going to take away the tinnitus.

Theres no help at my local hospital regarding any tinnitus support or trt

Im been referred for cbt therapy also

I hope it gets better as my tinnitus as only got worse and worse last few months

Hope ur ok x

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Hi Siobhan,

I can totally understand the way you are feeling right now and I wish I could bring something new to the table to help you but I think it has all been said already. However, maybe I can tell you how I cope with tinnitus which might give you a bit of hope. In my case, it's very loud almost 24/7 and some days I feel as if my head is going to explode. It is a loud hissing whine like a dentists drill that never stops and is mainly on the right side, but very often, it changes to a higher pitch and feels like its bouncing from one side of my head to the other. In the early stages I went into a real panic and tried every trick in the book from head massages to vaping CBD oil but nothing worked. Gradually, and thanks in part to help and advice from fellow sufferers on the forum, I began to calm down and accepted that this was with me for good so I had to deal with it!

After a referral to ENT and then an audiologist, it was discovered I had age related high frequency hearing loss and was fitted with twin hearing aids. They helped a bit by amplifying surrounding noise and they have since been upgraded to a more advanced pair. Something the audiologist said one day stuck with me...IT WON'T KILL YOU and she was right. Yes it's a constant irritation that could drive you mad at times but only if you let it!

I have found that tiredness is a trigger point for me so I make sure I get enough sleep and my 10mg Amitrip helps me achieve this. Stress and anxiety also contribute enormously so I try and avoid anything that might cause this. I always have background music playing in every room I am in and I keep myself distracted with hobbies such as painting and playing musical instruments. I walk every day and being outdoors is very beneficial for me just to hear other sounds. When it gets horrendous, I find a steaming hot bath or shower takes the edge off the head noises. I thought I would never come to terms with this damned condition but here's some good news...I think I have finally got the measure of it.

I now have days where I know it's still there but I just don't hear it so much and sometimes not at all. I think I have almost habituated to it and apart from horrendous spikes where the volume ramps up dramatically, I can finally cope with it. As we say in Scotland...keep the heid which means stay calm and you WILL beat it. I hope you find some peace soon.

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Reminderelf30 in reply to Jimmuck

Thank you for your reply

Glad your habituating not sure how im going to yet as this is the 3rd week now since tinnitus went so so high and loud and not settling and still keeps spiking so its very worrying.

Im trying oticon white noise generators which i was given last week as travelled down to nottingham theres nothing or no help at my local hospital and i always have sound on too but my hyperacusis is much worse now since tinnitus got worse so lot what helped now irritates me but iv never had tinnitus this bad but even taking amitriptyline myself i never get a good rest due to the tinnitus.i couldnt cope before it got worse but i had started to block it out at times but at the moment i cant n do think this is my new tinnitus and its scary how loud both ears are constantly ringing and buzzing x

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Having had tinnitus for so long, you'll know yourself that it's a very unpredictable condition as it can flare up at anytime, so what you're experiencing might just be a prolonged spike and hopefully it will settle down again. I have had some really awful spikes which can last for weeks so I know how debilitating and exhausting they can be

as they just seem to suck the pleasure out of everything you do. When tinnitus is raging it's hard to maintain a normal lifestyle but keep thinking positively and reassure yourself that it will all settle down soon. Maybe a higher dose of Amitrip would at least allow you to get a decent nights sleep so it might be worth asking your GP about that. Take care and try not to get too down about it. Fingers crossed you find some peace and quiet soon.

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