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NHS Audiology Follow Up


I had my follow up appointment yesterday with the same Audiologist I seen 2 months ago. She was pleased to hear that my new hearing aids with masking sounds were making a difference to my life with tinnitus. Its not a major difference but I now have devices that distract me more from my tinnitus sounds. Having 2 hearing aids instead of one before has helped me to pick up more surrounding sounds, including some I've not heard in years. She did a check on my ears and said they are fine. I now have to continue with what I have been doing the past 2 months or so. Before I left she told me not to leave it so long as last time in contacting their office if I felt that my hearing was becoming worse, and that their office is open every morning should I need any spare parts to my hearing aids. Not a lot of help with my tinnitus but at least I have someone I can see again in future as necessary.

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