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T just got worse!!!


I thought I had it under control but it was lulling me into sense of false security wasn't too bad for a few weeks now and 1 week I managed to get it down every day!THEN I payed a gig, something ive done ALL my life,wearing hearing protection as always, I got my ears down in morning and went off to th e gig for afternoon session. played it, and after it ears were still ok. even at night, that seems to be the pattern when I play ( not often now sadly) if I get them down they stay down till next day and sure enough next morning they were very loud¬¬¬¬¬¬ I did manage to get them down abit but nowhere near as quiet as they were before the gig and now I have EXTRAS! another tinkling noise in the middle of the whistling and a clicking my other ear has loder T as well SO whats all this about wearing ear protection and being safe to play??????????????? my plugs are meant to be %40 reduction on sound and when I wear them and play I can hardly hear all the band????????so why are my ears really bad 2 weeks after the gig????? and now I have p[ain on ears as well I really need to stop the thing I love the most something ive done since 15 im 68 now my whole lifestyle was music orientated now I hardly listen to a tune I cant see much point in life with this now, I was very optimistic when I first got it, about help,treatment and possible cure,i was told about this habituation and thought when that happens ill be rid of this curse that has devastated my life and turned it upside down but theres no sign of that happeneing and I d9id think things were getting better before that gig BUT is it my playing or my mental state that's made the sound louder???????????????? 13th march 2013 that's when I woke up with it raging in my earsi don't know what to do now ive tried audiologym nice guy gacve me new aids but no help to manage it, been to psychologist, useless gave me absolutely nothing. Scotland seems to have less halp for T sufferers than rest on country and I wonder why? is it the money? or lack of it? is it the attitude of audiologists and g.p.,s T is dismissed so easily by them as ive found out much more needs to be done to raise the ptofile and inform docs and e.n.t.people that atacan and does KILL!!!!!!!!!! as the tragic death of that young musician at 27 from Manchester showed yet it will probably be brushed under the carpet even though there is a fund to raise £10,000 towards T research, check it out make a donation lets beat this torture once and for all so we can all get our lives back!!!!!

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Hi drumcraw, sorry to hear that your T has flared up again. But, just keep in mind that you have been in the same situation before and that you WILL again TAME your tinnitus.

When mine becomes bothersome I keep calm and remember that it will become like a whisper again.

However ........ we sufferers do unfortunately have to make changes to our lives ...... I have to avoid certain situations which I know will aggravate my T. Mine was not noise induced either.

So, I would think that you will have to think carefully about your future gigs ....... either do a gig and accept the flare-up or stop doing them.

Like you, I cannot understand the lack of attention and research that is going into a cure. I truly worry about young folk having to spend years managing this beast. I am a similar age to you, so it is obviously not so horrible for us!

All the best

Angela xx

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ni angela and thanks, I don't really have many gigs at all maybe1 a month and ive played this one afew times over the years I wore the plugs in ears but the big thing is audiologists have been telling me that its o.k. to play with plugs even consulting other audiologists to confirm and now my ears are raging even now screaming although they have been up and down since the gig and I have had wax probs too they just feel different this time( and sound it) I just don't know what to do . I phoned audiology and next app. MIGHT be September!!!!!!! thanks for your concern though take care craw.


Hi drumcraw Sorry to hear of your tinnitus flaring up again I have a friend in Edinburgh who suffers with Tinnitus and she tells me of the poor service's of her ENT dept as in England depending where you live they vary in London it is good on the whole not wishing to sound on a sour note even with ear protection on are you not risking being in a enviroment where anything may make your tinnitus worse ?we are all responsible of looking after our health I think when you have tinnitus I have learnt to take extra care in looking after and managing your T It was only from learning and getting support from other long term Tinnitus sufferers from the BTA forums I have had my T some 7 years and the support I got who gave me support on how to cope and get through each day my journey was in the early days life changing and challenging as it was I daresay from most people I went through all the emotion’s from mild to extreme I was on anti depressants which only introduced from the side effects of more problems which I don’t mind sharing on here my sex life went into meltdown I gradually got off anti depressants even in my 60’s I still enjoy sex and the pleasure you get from it I know talking to others each person Tinnitus is differant mine is I am glad to say at the point where it does not interfere with my life anymore when I look back not knowing what I know now I am grateful to have survived to live a relativly happy life I think we all have to make life changes and sacrifices even giving up what we love have you thought of making changes to your life ? it’s painful but you have to weigh up the odds for better outcomes I hope it settles down soon take care .


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thanks david, I am very aware of things that aggravate my T I never listen to loud music or visit places where noise is loud that means I never socialise now as most of it was in places that would have a band playing or a loud atmosphere so ive stopped wich has eaten intpo my life also I never use earphones as they can affect T and p[laying has been reduced to1 a month sometimes 1 every6 weeks or 2 months so I have made changes to my life sadly not much left I don't take an interest in music, instruments or collecting them now as I used to my life has changed completely I cant understand why I keep getting told its safe to wear plugs when playing if it isn't!!! I maybe play10 gigs a year where I used to play 12 gigs amonth and wear plugs ALL the time I wear my hearing aids ALL the time but they don't hide the high pitch whistle which is my T, I don't go out much so im at home most of time alone my wife still works and ive started going back to gym. sadly my family are NOT interested and receive NO help or support from them complete lack of understanding although ive tried to talk to them many times and have literature on T but theyre just not interested but I am thinking of giving up playing completely but very diff after all these years and the fact im letting people down AGAIN where I would NEVER have donr that before . thanks for your reply and concern take cater Crawford.

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Hi Crawford yes family are not interested if only they had to experience of it then they would get a wake up call if you go to the gym be aware if you go on the treadmill it can affect your tinnitus not everyone but it can I wasn't judging you and what you do just trying to be of help which i am happy to help you anytime take care David

That's the problem with tinnitus one day they're slow the next day is high every day's a different day with tinnitus.

Hi there, I have no words of wisdom for you, I just wanted to say that I felt so sad reading your post. I’d feel so angry in your position. Music has obviously been your life and it’s just not fair. I’ve had tinnitus for a year now, a train breaking on a track noise 😳. Through my MRI scan they found an acoustic neuroma which the neurologist thinks is causing the tinnitus ( second scan has shown no sign of growth ) But a while ago I woke up with the sound of a hoover going in my other side! WHY, completely out of the blue can this happen. Just wanted to let you know that I feel for you. I have a very understanding husband and family but lets face it, unless your talking to someone who has it, they’ll never understand and hopefully never will. Don’t give up, keep fighting through, it’s all you can do. Dare I say, go to your gigs, enjoy them when your there and tell your tinnitus it’s not going to wreck your passion for music and life.

Take care


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Dear Mrs Goggins thanks very much I have been tryng to keep playing but ears seem to get worse even with plugs psychologist told me 2 toy have a dilemma" some help that was, today im thinking of calling the band and tell them im packing it in after 52 years sell all my drums! hope that neuroma is the cause of your T and they get it out of there so you can get back to normality again thanks for your concern take care Crawford.

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