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Tinnitus and swimming

Hi there, I've had tinnitus since April 2017 in my left ear. I did notice it after self syringing my ear. I visited the GP who referred me to Lewisham ear nose and throat department - afraid I found them useless, went back to the GP, and asked to be referred to the Royal Throat, Nose Ear hospital at King's Cross - they were excellent, sent me for an MRI - all good there. I was prescribed hearing aids, which I find do make a difference, as I'm finding with the tinnitus, I'm also suffering hearing loss. I'm ok in quite situations, but in the street, and loud noises, I'm finding my speech to others is muted slightly.

The TNE hospital also provide a meditation, mindfulness group, that is one day a week for 8 weeks. I've put my name down for that, so we'll see..

Anyway, the main point of this post - is that I swim a lot, and when underwater with ear plugs, I notice my tinnitus disappears, I have total silence? Just wonder why this is,. as if it's from the brain, then surly I should still hear it?

On another note, I do find playing natural noise at night helps, I have Alexa, and ask her to play natural sounds in the rainforest. However I have to be careful now - as on a couple of night, I've been woken up at 2am, thinking I'm in the bloody forest, after hearing the shriek of a cockatoo!!!!!!

I do notice my tinnitus every day, and sometimes it is unbearable, but I find that treating it with humour and trying to remain calm - helps - easier said than done I know.

I'm in London SE1 area, and if anyone local wants to get in touch, maybe we can help each others with tips etc.


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Morning Dan,

What an interesting post , which I was drawn to when I read 'swimming ' .

I have a constant battle with tinnitus and hearing loss ,but definitely attitude/mindset is the road to survival. When I pluck up the courage to swim again ( have been waiting for hole to heal on eardrum) I will endeavor

to experiment with the underwater test .

I also play mindful sounds on the iPod to help me sleep , ( I get what you mean about the bird in the forest 😉) the other night I had rain sounds ,I woke in the night so excited thinking it was actually raining ...fool !!

Best of luck ,and thanks for the uplifting read .

Regards Sandy

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Thank you Sandy, I hope when you get into water, you have some relief

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Hi Dan, I got a similar tinnitus since 9 months and I also notice that when I swim, I hardly hear it. Sometimes not even hear it. I think water has a calming effect. My TRT audiologist advised me first to take frequents baths and it helped. I dont waar hearing aids, but play Amazon nature/whitenoise on my smartphone 24/7....I Did neuromodulation in the Antwerp University hospital in Belgium. It Did Not lower the loudness, but I have now more calmer moments.

Take care,

Ivan Milliau


Thank you Ivan, very interesting regarding your water experience...


Very helpful ive been refered to see an ENT on the 10th of August cant wait. Thanks for sharing. Dee

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All the best for the 10th Dee


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