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Only other tinnitus sufferers understand:-(


I have suffered with tinnitus for 22 years in my left ear,then suddenly in 2017 I got it in my right ear! I am 55 now & it really is the most distressing thing to live with,people(including my husband),really do not understand the madness & depression & lack of sleep that tinnitus causes. I ‘have to’ continue with my life,because I had 2 daughter’s to raise & now I have 2 granddaughters,otherwise I think I would have ended my life. To fellow sufferers, I feel your terror,I feel your anxiety,you are not alone,much love X

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Oh I do know how you feel .... tinnitus is so depressing and tiring - but do you use the Sound Oasis box at night, and do maskers help in any way. Explore every aid - and be comforted that you are not alone and tell the tinnitus to "sod ofof" !!!!

Hi, Balletgirl,

I'm of a similar age and although I haven't had tinnitus for as long as you have, lately it's gotten worse. I agree, you just have to carry on as best you can. If your family don't really understand it perhaps you could get them to check out the BTA website and/or get them to read some of these posts. There are some videos on Youtube that might also give them an insight.

Respectfully submitted,


I had it sInce I was 21 in one ear had a grommet put in had 3 done in 2 years as soon as I had the op the T was gone it was like magic.only last 6 months then it's back but now I think they put a tube in with out the op.this was 28 years ago the ent was so good did lots of test but no mri then in them days you go and see ent now they just tick you off have to live it even if you have hearing loss.

I share your frustrations but please do not despair and do your best to combat the T noises by ignoring them and getting on with your life as best as possible. On sunny dry days I go out for walks as the other natural sounds ranging from traffic to birds singing is a distraction. At home I have the radio on in my kitchen all day long so that I’ve always got either tv or radio sounds to concentrate on. At night I use the sounds oasis or Chillax apps on my iPhone to distract me. Hopefully all of your family will fully understand what you’re going through and be supportive in future. Lots of good luck!

You're not alone. There's thousands of us to suffer with the same thing. I'm 61 and I had it for 2 years and now it's gotten louder and I have to learn to deal with it I feel the same way you do..

I have Tinnitus and Hyperacusis in both ears and for a short while my Tinnitus changed to just the one ear and I found the sudden change slightly distressing.I could not adapt to the change . After a few months the Tinnitus went stereo to my relief. Any change to your normal pitch is for a short while very annoying.

The problem I found with Tinnitus in one ear was the utter contrast with the silence in the other one. It was as if I was in between two extremes and could not adapt.

You seem to have adapted well to T in one ear and I guarantee after a little while your stereo Tinnitus will no longer trouble you. I find salt intake increases the loudness of my T and now rarely eat out and at home cut down on salt and very spicy foods.

The fact that you habituated to T in one ear should mean the recent change will not trouble you for long.

Best Wishes.

I also know how you feel and am of similar age x

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