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A Bit of A Setback

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About 2 years ago I woke up one morning and noticed my tinnitus was louder than previously experienced. It was as if someone had turned the volume up a notch. Instead of just being a spike, over time it proved to be a new, louder level. Aside from periodic spikes it remained at a near constant level. Just as I was beginning to accept this noise accompanying nearly everything I do, a few weeks ago the same thing happened. I woke up to an increase in volume which is more intrusive and proving much harder to distract myself from.

In a way I feel as though I'm back where I was 2 years ago but with a bigger challenge to overcome. Already I'm having to concentrate much more on daily activities - work, driving, watching TV - which, in turn, is more tiring and making the t much harder to ignore.

I am worried that this will keep happening, that it will get louder from time to time even though I thought I was managing OK.

Is this typical? Has anyone else experienced periodic increases in volume and for no apparent reason?

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Keoni do your best to get out as a distraction to your T as this is what I do as often as I can. Just a walk in the park or out in the streets of your local town or city can help. Do you have hearing aids with masking sounds fitted? I recently got these and find them a great help so far as I’ve cut down on the number of days that I used to get spikes on. Every little bit helps. Good luck!

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Keoni in reply to HissingSid

Hi, HissingSid,

Thanks for the advice. Yes, sometimes a walk outside does help. I don't wear hearing aids as yet but might need to in the future.

Respectfully submitted,


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Keoni, fluctuations in tinnitus are pretty common. As it seems to be a longer term thing for you, have you had your ears or hearing checked lately? A build up of ear wax could be causing this, or a dip in your hearing.

Kind wishes


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