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Sound changes when move head to certain sounds


I've had tinnitus for 14 weeks and hyperacusis for 11 weeks.the sounds that give me bother with hyperacusis are fridges air cons,heating systems and computer fans.i noticed that if I move my head slightly left or right when near computers I get a whistling noise.also noticed each ear to be different. I was wondering does anybody else have this problem.wonder if it could be neck related.

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I had same symptoms 3 years back ,cut down salt you may find relief ,im on low salt diet n won't notice tinnitus unless I try to hear .......but if don't follow salt diet properly my T will be back with revenge.......Avoid salty foods alcohol tobacco sugar give a try

Michael8272 in reply to Suji778

Hi, thanks for reply,I don't eat salt or smoke or drink alcohol, so don't think it's that.

Have you ever had an xray or MRI scan of your C-spine. Any head or neck / whiplash injury? Any Arthritis anywhere else?

Just a few things to consider.

By the way, we all need salt. When did you last have a blood test for sodium levels?

Hi,had mri scan done two weeks ago and just waiting results.i had bloods done before the scan and they were grand.i just think it's weird that I can change tone of low frequency sounds like computers and fridges by turning my head slightly left or right and they get louder.thing is before the tinnitus came I had a stiff neck and went to a physio two days before tinnitus came.i just don't know if all this is related

Possibly related ???

Possible Cervical Spine degeneration / arthritis ? See what MRI results show - ask for a copy of written report. Ask for a copy of blood tests results also - helpful to know whereabout on 'normal' range some results are. For example: if Potassium is at low end or bottom of range, then eat more potassium rich foods such as a banana every morning; if sodium is low end of range then add a little fine Sea Salt to food or in cooking.

Hi, you could be right because I don't eat salt at is weird with these low frequency sounds like fridges air con that's the only things that I can change noise and it's very uncomfortable high pitch noise.i'm getting counselling from a therapist who deals with hyperacusis and she said that's weird but ears could be just finding range after getting all the wax out and there just very sensitive.hopefully in time this will calm down and because all the stress of getting tinnitus the body becomes hypersensitive.

Interesting - about wax removal. Did you have suction or syringe method? Syringing isn't done here anymore because it's believed to be possibly harmful. Suction/ vacuuming believed to be safest method. Hope it does all settle down for you.

Yes, we do need salt. It's only patients with high blood pressure that are told to cut down on intake as far as I am aware. Salt isn't bad for us - it's when it's eaten to excess it may cause problems.

Hi, I had wax removed by suction,I had alot off wax.i wore ear plugs to bed for nearly 10 years after doing night with all the wax gone now the ears are going to take time to settle down.but it's just funny that if I move head slightly hyperacusis noise changes.very hard to work out.but I probably caused this mess myself by wearing the ear plugs and leaving ears oversensitive.its just strange with the noise change.

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