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Survived Download rock festival


Hi all,

Came home yesterday after having spent the weekend at Download.

Had a fantastic time and watched some very cool bands.

Wore my ear plugs whilst listening to the bands and safe to say it hasnt had any effect on my T.

I dont go to gigs on a regular basis because of T but at least i know i can still do outdoor gigs without doing any further damage.

Now back at home, the T is being a nuisance today but thats probably because i was so relaxed last week and so not noticed my T as much but now its back to reality, its reminding me it's still there.....

Maybe i should just go travelling permanently!!

Lesley x

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I wondered if you were at Download Lesley! My sister was there and I know that your fave band was headlining. Great to hear that you had a fab time! 😀

Ps sorry for the delay in replying to your pm - I too have been so busy over the past 2 weeks that I am a week behind with everything! I’ll chat to you within this week!

Love and best

Angela xx

Lesley2065 in reply to Angela-H

Hi Angela, yes had a fab time at download , my ears survived too as wearing the BTA ear plugs, would never go anywhere like that without them. Hope your sister had a fab time too.

Will reply to your pm soon.

Take care

Love Lesley x


I think going travelling all the time would be a great way to combat tinnitus - can I join you? Glad you had a good time at Download, and of course I'm pleased you used ear plugs!


Lesley2065 in reply to NicBTA

Hi Nic, yes I'm glad I wore the ear plugs and will always do so whether it's outdoor or indoor music, I know there not giving you 100% protection but it certainly sounds better with them in. I also had a break from the main arena and did not stand close to a speaker. Had a great time though and would do it again.

Lesley x

NicBTAAdministrator in reply to Lesley2065

I find music sounds better with them in too - you can actually hear the instruments and vocals, rather than just be overwhelmed by the volume.


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