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Talking Tinnitus Expo

Talking Tinnitus Expo

Hi everyone,

My name is Marcus and I'm the Events Manager at the BTA, I thought it was about time I popped on here and introduced myself.

I organise all of the public and professionals training and events for the charity, we provide training in tinnitus to upwards of 80-100 medical professionals each year, I organise the free Information days (the next one is in Cheltenham on June 2nd - and I organise our professionals Conference.

This year we're adding another day to the Conference and running the first ever Expo for tinnitus designing to help people living with tinnitus.

There is loads of information about the Expo here but if you look at the picture I've added you'll get a feel for what is happening on the day.

If you get Quiet magazine there will be an article about it in the next issue too, we hope the event will go some way to breaking down the isolation of tinnitus, showing people you aren't alone and whilst there isn't a cure at this time, there are still a lot of things that can help you manage.

There are different entry times but you can wander the different talks, tasters and exhibitor stands at your own pace and for example if you arrive at 9am you don't have to leave by 11am.

There will be plenty to see and do, it could be a lovely opportunity to have a forum meet up, if you're not based near Birmingham it will be a day worth travelling for.

We're really excited about it, we hope you are too!

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Wow Marcus thats great to know. Thank You for information

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I'm really looking forward to the day, and I'm almost certainly going to be there, and I'd be happy to facilitate a forum meet up if you would like - or even if that's not your thing, happy to meet you individually and have a quick chat!


I'd love to go but too far for me to travel unfortunately 😢


Are you doing anything in Scotland?


I would like to attend this but it's too far to travel from Scotland. Is there anything planned for north of the border at some point?


How do you get hold of copies of Quiet magazine?


Join the BTA as an Individual Member and you'll get Quiet once a quarter, Lucie.


It wasn't our event but there was a tinnitus and hearing show held in Glasgow recently -

As our Expo is the first time we've done anything like this we don't know if it will be happen again yet, it ultimately depends on if it is a success.

We'd like to keep holding it and move it around the UK - the response to it has been positive and ticket sales have started well, we've even had people booking on to come from Poland and Sweden!


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