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Hi there,

It's my first post. I have tinnitus since end of November 2017. I went trough as most of people had pannic attack, massive anxiety, lack of sleep, after 2-3 months I could sleep again and still do 6-7-8 hours I don't hear tinnitus in my sleep nor it wakes me up like it used to for first two months. How I have tinnitus ? I had massive stress one night and then I pushed ear bud down my left ear and it started same night. I've always used cotton buds (I know how stupid that was) I've poked my drum many times in the past but this time it done damage..

I think I had every kind high pitched noise. It was changing so often. Now it's mostly same hight pitched metallic noise in my left ear and much much quieter in right ear. I also have fullness in my left ear tonight for first time in months it's really bad just like it was at begining. Tinnitus still makes me anxious. I try to relax or occupie myself as being home is the hardest thing. What do I do? Simple thing like having a bath with music on. Playing some games on pc. Browse net. Be in the garden as I can't hear tinnitus there. Just trying to have as normal life as I can.

Just though I'll share my thoughts ..

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You sound as though you are coping quite well.Well done😊

Hope you keep improving 👍

Thanks Curlew,

I got my ups and downs but you just get to the point when your love one shakes you up and says: ''stupid ringing in your ear will not ruin our life'' I know how dramatic that sounds but thats true it shook me so much that I started getting on with it and live with it rather then being constantly depressed, its not going away, its hard but as my friend said after losing her finger in shredder : ''Stuff and nonsense'' how very British.. :-)

Also reading the news and thinking about noise in our head I think that there will be a remedy for it as science moves on. If they can make a paralyzed man feel back again after a brain surgery why no Tinnitus cure in next 10 - 20 years? Lets hope and be positive even in our situation.


Hello and welcome to the British Tinnitus Association forum. Do feel free to ask any questions, I hope that you find this a helpful and supportive place to help you manage your tinnitus.

It sounds like you've got a good attitude to your tinnitus, and are managing it well.

We have some resources that you might like to check out in addition to our home here:

Helpline 0800 018 0527 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) (outside the UK you can call +44 (0)114 250 9922)

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

Hi Mathew, I've had chronic T and other problems for a long time,I am reading your post while running a hot bath, they are a great help, I have one most days, if nothing else I will be the "Cleanest" T sufferer around,all the best mate reg Jeff

matthew222 in reply to whywouldi

Another thing i forgot to say for a night time i play a white noise trough a speaker and Ive made An 8 hour track of this high pitch tones from YouTube. I play it on my phone on lowest volume as it's really night pitched.

On top of it I play a white noise trough smart speaker. It might sound annoying but it helps me to fall asleep.

Maybe it will help somebody

Hi Jeff T is a bugger but it is what it is, I'm not an expert I had it for Over 5 months. Will it go? I really wish it could but at the moment we can try to help ourself.

What I've learned over this 5 months is that first 2-3 months was really bed, not just tinnitus but how I've felt. All questions and what my life will look like. Difficulty with sleep, concentration, anger being upset etc. Right end of that crap... :-)

It have gone better over the time!

I describe my tinnitus as moderate if there is such category I don't think it is mild. It is loud at night it's there all the time when I'm awake, but somehow I can go to sleep for 7-8 hours without hearing it which was impossible for first 2-3 months when firat started I think my brain has adjusted to it..

Another that makes me think it's gone mild is that I spend more and more time inside house without being less bothered by it. I was listening to it all the time winding up myself to the point of destruction. I think less about it nowadays then even 2 weeks ago. I think it could be bacouse it's a spring and I tend to be more outdoor too. Planning thing like DIY. Sorting out tons of papers that were stacked in cupboards etc. Making projects to occupy mind. Sunshine if it's there helps too. Hobbies, sport, going out sightseeing etc. Great stuff

Other thing I do is cut on salts and junk food that have got a lot in it. We all need salt for brain to function but not 2g of it in one McDonald's burger. I've tested it so many times and it defiantly makes my tinnitus much much worse to the point it's like a car alarm at nighttime.

I'm not entirely sure if cutting on sugar helps me. I'm still working on it.

If my tinnitus is really bad to the point I say to myself (F... hell... I have enough of it) I put my hearing aid with a white noise on which is great It gets my Tinnitus to ok level and my mind doesn't concentrate on it as much. I can watch TV without being bothered by it.

One more tip I recently bought google home mini speaker. I'm sure Alexa can do it too. You can get subscription and play any music you like or even white noise for night time or day time. It's just so good to have option of music in background just by saying. I need to get another one living room. Brilliant little thing.

Coming back to having bath try Epsom salt it is brilliant muscle relaxant, takes away pains and aches and helps to have a good sleep. I get 20kg that stuff of EBay much cheaper then small supermarket bag. I sleep like a baby after bath with it.

For sleep I take melatonin that I got in Spain for some reason it's hard to get it in the UK. I take it once a while maybe worth trying? I don't want to try sleeping pills as I don't need them and I'm worried they can be addictive.

Alcohol and coffee doesn't help me so they had to go.

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