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Hearing therapist visit


I’ve been to see my hearing therapist today. I’m lucky I only had to wait 2 weeks for the appointment, but I’ve been seeing her on and off for 18 years.

I’ve had a hearing test that shows my left ear (noisiest one) is heading towards profound in not picking up speech.

My hearing aids are 12 years old as I was frightened to change them when things seemed ok, but seems if I’d had a hearing test a while ago I would have been given the new aids with built in maskers. I’m being fitted with these next Thursday.

My therapist has said that with the increased sound getting in the t shouldn’t be so much of a problem - fingers crossed 🤞🏻

The audiologist I’m seeing has been highly trained in helping tinnitus sufferers, so I guess I’m living in the right area.

I’ve also been told to steer clear of this or any other forum as constantly reading negative posts has a negative effect on the t as it’s constantly being pushed into focus.

I won’t post again until next week when I’ve hopefull got my new aids, but I will read any replies to this post.

Take care xx

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Hi,hope this helps your problem.all the best with the new hearing aids.

Ingrid-p in reply to Michael8272

Thank you, keeping my fingers crossed. How are you doing now?

Michael8272 in reply to Ingrid-p

Hi,4 weeks today I got buzzing in ear.doctors still seem to think mine will disappear.got referred yesterday to E.N.T so hopefully won't be to long to wait for a appointment.only good thing now is I'm sleeping again,which is a big help.ears are very sensitive at the minute to certain sounds but suppose that's understandable with all the wax out.hopefully now getting used to it. All the best.

Fingers crossed for you too xx

Wishing luck on your hearing aids. I got mines about 2 months ago it work okay but when you're tinnitus levels are high it won't be able to mask it. They're not made the mask completely the sound.

My hearing aids will have built in maskers, hopefully this should help. So loud today cant think straight 😢

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