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Tinnitus relief


Hi everyone i have had Tinnitus for 4 weeks now seen docs who have said i need an MRI just to check but thinks its Tinnitus and i have to live with it and get used to it. Slowly i am getting used to it but its so hard

Ive noticed though that when i have a hot bath and submerge my ears when i lift them the T goes away for a few seconds to a few minutes..... Ive been doing this a lot to get relief and some silence but cant spend all my days in water :)

Does anyone know why this would be?

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Hi Darren

Funnily enough, I noticed this last night with my ears.

I'm not sure if the water just counteracts the sound.

I also find relief from sticking a finger in my ear (which isn't constructive to anything) I do wear an earphone in the ear though which helps. Even with nothing playing.

Does this help you at all?

Sorry ear* Luckily i only suffer with one, it also isn't constant but I never know how long an episode will last.

Hi Darren. I have had full blown tinnitus for several months now and I discovered early on that a hot bath seemed to take the edge off the volume for a short time. I never submerged my head so I think it was the steam that helped. Sometimes when my T spikes and gets really horrendous, I take a bath just to get some relief from the commotion going on in my head and usually it helps. Your tinnitus will eventually back off and you'll start having quieter days and at some point, you will habituate to the noise you hear but it can be a long hard journey sometimes. Take care, stay calm and keep us posted about your progress. Best wishes.

darren25 in reply to Jimmuck

Thank you so much Jimmuck

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