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Looking for someone else with this type of Muscular Tinnitus/TTTS


Hi All

On and off since 2015 i've had a strange low inconsistent popping/fluttering in my left ear.

Sometimes it can last minutes, sometimes months (longest episode was 9 months.)

After numerous Drs appointments being told I was suffering with fluid in the ear, I got referred to ENT in Southampton UK to be told it wasn't to do with my eustachian tubes and was not because of allergies etc.

After a second ENT visit, the word Tinnitus was mentioned, had an MRI scan that was clear and sent on my way with the words of "just dealing with it."

I have just had another bout begin yesterday, my anxiety levels are through the roof and I'm really struggling.

I think from my own research, I am thinking it's a form of muscular tinnitus or TTTS.

Does anyone else suffer with this muscular fluttering sensation in your ears? It is not rhythmic and there is no pattern. I also can't see any reason as to why the episodes start. It isn't when i'm exposed to loud noises which is usually the common occurrence with TTTS.

I have noticed that the flutters are more constant when looking at a computer screen or phone screen and it's scrolling down or up, and also if I move my head around or something is waved infront of my eyes. Is there a connection to your eyesight and the small muscles in your ears? I can't seem to find anyone that has these same symptoms and I'm feeling rather lonely

There is always the worry that this episode will last forever and I'm not sure how I can cope it if does.

Sorry to be so negative.

Many Thanks


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hi I also had clicking in my ear especially after loud music but i put it down to congestion, didn't even think it could be tinnitus. i've had it on and off for 10 years or more. Now i've got permanent ringing so i know this is tinnitus. I've had this permanent tinnitus for 4 weeks now and already i've noticed when i'm anxious it goes up a level, so i'm trying my hardest to stay away from any situation that may make things worse.

Hope you get some relief soon

annamay1991 in reply to darren25

I've had an MRI and a camera up there which proved no congestion. I was hoping it was, at least then there is some potential remedies out there.

This low level popping/fluttering drives me mad. It's just so weird that when I move my head or eyes or watch anything moving it goes nuts. Which is suggestive that there is fluid trapped in there but apparently not.

I have an appointment on Monday and hopefully a quick referral to ENT whilst it's still going on.

Sods law is everytime I've gone there, it happens to be when I have a period of relief from the noise. So the specialists just look at you blankly because of course there is nothing to see.

Ho Hum

I have the same thing about 20years back I started getting popping in one ear the ent said it was fluid they put a gromit in and as soon as I came round all the noise gone its amazing but it only last 6months I had 3 put in over the years so 20 years later came back went to see ent who said it will go on it own 3 years later still got it I know its fluid I think they can put a tube in these days they can do thing but we just get fob off.

Thanks Highwycombe, after having an MRI the Specialist saw no fluid in the ear. He said it was pretty much clear. So unsure if this is exactly the same?

I have a feeling grommits are no longer provided on the NHS... I think it would have to be private nowadays? I'm not sure if this would help my situation though.

Just started to go to Chiro in the hope that helps.

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