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Diàgnosed at last

Went to ENT and he sent me for a MRA scan not sure what is different from MRI but done in same machine! Went back to ENT to be told I have a tumour, he didn't tell me anything about it just said he's referring me to a neurosurgeon. I had an appointment at my Dr so I asked her to explain what kind of tumour it is and where it Is! She said it's an acoustic neuroma. I am waiting now to find out what size it is and treatment options.

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Glad to know that you are making progress , did you find that the MRA/I inflamed your T?


Hi Bernard

I had a lengthy mri in January. It was the noisiest machine I have ever been scanned in. Every scan I`ve had has affected my T levels. This one I couldn't even walk afterwards. Had to sit for 1.5hrs before I could drive safely. Just been told I have to have another mri done. Dreading it. I wonder if they will ever build a silent scanner? I did read that the magnetic field disturbs fluid in inner ear.


I understand that there are walk in MRIs which are meant to be less noisey , if you live in the NW , there is one in Manchester which I am looking into .


Hi Kay I saw a programme on tv the other day, they are testing a scanner that's like a tablet out now....hope it's not long before they have it in hospitals.


Hi Trish. Having another MRI on Wednesday, just have to grin and bear it(again)!

I hope you are doing ok. I know what you mean when the word rare is on the table it does make it all much more scary.xx


Hi Bernard yes it did but it calmed down a bit after a few days.


Hi Trish

Our colleagues over at the British Acoustic Neuroma Association have lots of information on their website - we are working on a joint leaflet only it's a little behind schedule!

Anyway, their website can be found at

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)


Hi Nic thank you for the info, it's scary being told you have a tumour and a rare one at that! The BANA has been a great help x


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