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Diàgnosed at last

Went to ENT and he sent me for a MRA scan not sure what is different from MRI but done in same machine! Went back to ENT to be told I have a tumour, he didn't tell me anything about it just said he's referring me to a neurosurgeon. I had an appointment at my Dr so I asked her to explain what kind of tumour it is and where it Is! She said it's an acoustic neuroma. I am waiting now to find out what size it is and treatment options.

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Glad to know that you are making progress , did you find that the MRA/I inflamed your T?


Hi Bernard

I had a lengthy mri in January. It was the noisiest machine I have ever been scanned in. Every scan I`ve had has affected my T levels. This one I couldn't even walk afterwards. Had to sit for 1.5hrs before I could drive safely. Just been told I have to have another mri done. Dreading it. I wonder if they will ever build a silent scanner? I did read that the magnetic field disturbs fluid in inner ear.


I understand that there are walk in MRIs which are meant to be less noisey , if you live in the NW , there is one in Manchester which I am looking into .


Hi Kay I saw a programme on tv the other day, they are testing a scanner that's like a tablet out now....hope it's not long before they have it in hospitals.


Hi Trish. Having another MRI on Wednesday, just have to grin and bear it(again)!

I hope you are doing ok. I know what you mean when the word rare is on the table it does make it all much more scary.xx


Hi Bernard yes it did but it calmed down a bit after a few days.


Hi Trish

Our colleagues over at the British Acoustic Neuroma Association have lots of information on their website - we are working on a joint leaflet only it's a little behind schedule!

Anyway, their website can be found at bana-uk.com/

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)


Hi Nic thank you for the info, it's scary being told you have a tumour and a rare one at that! The BANA has been a great help x


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