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Helping habituation

Well and so it goes on. T is loud, intrusive and seriously getting me down. I’ve been at this point before and I know I will not stay like this forever.

Major panic attack this morning in front of hubby and literally felt physical unable to go on. He made me a cuppa and then told me to get ready for work as laying in bed wasn’t going to help. He was right. I got up, got ready and went to work. It was very busy and I struggled through my shift just wanting to go home, even though the noises are significantly louder in my house.

When I got in, hubby said right get changed we’re going out. We went shopping, picked up our youngest and I actually felt ok for a couple of hours. Now he’s gone out and I’m home alone, searching the internet for something that’s not there.

Why can’t I start the habituation process this time? I’ve managed a few times in the past, yes it takes time, but I’m feeling different this time. But I think I might have said that last time!

After 35 years I know it does get “better” even when my noises in the past have literally been audible over my washing machine or hoover!

Got a very busy weekend, 2 parties, family meal Monday and all I can think of is this t.

Feeling sorry for myself can’t wait for bedtime to go to sleep, but last night I even dreamt about having it!

Oh well hubbys home soon, so it’s fish n chips for tea as it’s good Friday and a few vinos to take the edge of.

Silent thoughts to all of you, take care xx

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Hi buddie123 feeling the same at the minute and I only have t 3 weeks.i thought was starting to get better but went to bed last night with this awful noise inside my head.was In my head and not my ears.just couldn't get rid of it.went to work today but every noise seems to be louder than normal.have left work early to go to A and e.just to see if they can give me something.waiting here to see a doctor and all I can think about is can't go on much longer like this.i had alot of wax removed 10 days ago and doctor says it will resolve itself once ears settle down again. I really don't think so


It's a nightmare, but believe me it will get easier. Just takes time. Let me know how you get on.

Take care


Thanks. You take care aswel.

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