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Ups and Downs

I have had two good days where my ears have been very quiet . I now seem to get one day great and one day very bad . Does this mean Ian healing or habituating ? The bad days are so bad .

I am currently trailing my widex zen hearing aids and there we’re helping, now I’m not so sure ,

I have a stressful week ahead wih job interviews so perhaps my sub concious mind is stressed

Tonight is so bad and we have gone away for the weekend to Yorkshire .long drive and my ears are relentless...

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Hi Dean,

I wish I could answer your question but I think I am in the same boat as yourself so I just don't know what's going on. Like you, I have some quieter days and then a few horrendous days

when it feels as if my head is being probed with a high speed drill. My hearing aids have helped reduce the T volume but some days it just overwhelms them. Yesterday, it wasn't too bad and I drove for about 120 miles, mostly in open countryside, so it was all quite relaxed but later in the evening, even with the aids in, the T was going crazy. There's no rhyme or reason to this damned condition. Good luck at your interviews and I hope your T settles down soon.

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Hi Dean, my habituation began with having a few quiet times and those quiet periods of time gradually became longer. So I would say that you are beginning your journey of habituation. I am 3 years into my T and most days mine fades after waking up with it. Mine was horrendous at the beginning, both in noise and head pain.

Keep distracted and be positive, please.

Angela xx

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Thanks Angela . It wa me vey bad yesterday and this morning but after exploring the Yorkshire Dales my ear hiss has stopped and it’s all a bit calmer. I decided no to wear my hearing aids today to let my brain calm down ...

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