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After images with anxiety


I've been experiencing all sorts of visual issues for the past few months ever since my anxiety started. I originally had visual snow and it got worse when I kept obsessing about it. Which caused me alot of stress and in turn gave me anxiety. The vs isn't noticeable now and now I seem to notice after images alot more. Especially with stuff that's bright like a tv at night time . Am I hyper aware of it now and is it normal and I'm just over reacting to it because it got me anxious in the first place? I also get ghosting images sometimes and I feel like I can't concentrate.

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I get this as well, but after a mild brain injury due to a car collision.

Are you receiving any CBT for your anxiety.

I also have floaters in my vision. These are normal as you get older

I suggest discussing with your GP, could have another cause and you are just focusing on it. I was sent away to get an eye test from Specsavers first.

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Ended up in a&e last night stayed over night there because my migraine was so bad. They said it can have an effect on the after images


i get dizzy and fall over I get all different sound s going on cant concentrate on anything just sound s 24 7 it s a bastard but it something you have and that s it

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Acceptance seems to be the only way to over come these things. You won't get better untill you stop trying

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