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Your information and keeping in touch with the BTA

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At the BTA, we depend on your support and trust in us as we work towards a world where no one suffers from tinnitus.

To do this we need to ensure that the personal data we store gives you the information that you need, in the ways that you want to receive it. A new law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), comes into action on May 25 2018 and gives you more control than ever before over your data and how organisations use it.

As a member of the forum, we don't have access to ANY of your personal data - this is securely kept by Health Unlocked. Which means you might be missing out on news and information from us if you don't follow our social media or aren't a member of the BTA.

We are asking our supporters to let us know what personal information they want us to hold and how we contact you to update you on news, events and tinnitus management products which we feel will be of interest to the tinnitus community. We want to give you the opportunity to simply choose the options that suit you.

We promise to keep your details safe and secure, and never sell your data.

You can give us your contact details here, or alternatively, my colleague Patrick is working to make sure our records are accurate and up-to-date and GDPR compliant.

Please contact Patrick to let him know how you would like to be contacted and how we hold your data on 0114 2509933 or email

The BTA values your ongoing support. Thank you.

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

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Hi Nic just a quick question I’m on holiday at the Dominican at the moment the flight was ok but I was just wandering I’ve been asked to go scuba diving and I am a bit worried about pressure do you know if it would be ok thanks

in reply to jbradford42

You should be okay as long as you make sure you equalise the pressure sensibly on diving and ascent, and that your ear drums are fine anyway - which it sounds like they are as you had no trouble on the flight.

Have fun, I'm sure this will be an excellent distraction from the tinnitus!

Best wishes



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