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Positive Changes

Hi All, most of you will know the turmoil I have been in . Although my head and ears are full of noise I am beginning to feel calmer and happier . Whats working is the relaxation excercises, the gym and my antidepressants. I have a long way to go but I really have been living in hell but I am now getting moments when I feel like the old me. My new oasis sound machine is great which I leave on all night . I believe a positive mind and relaxed body and mind is part of my recovery. My time offf work has really helped although no jobless but healthy before wealth.

I hope this helps other sufferers. I have severe tinnitus at the moment but somehow I know there is hope , I am now listening to my body! I now walk and not run every where , not literally but you get what I mean !

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That is great to hear Dean! You are definitely on the road to habituation. 3 years ago I was in such a bad place with the noise and head pain, nowadays, even if I do hear it it doesn't bother me. I wake up with T every morning but I know that if I ignore it (and put in my hearind aid) it begins to fade very quickly. Antidepressants and a kind audiologist were the beginnings of my learning to live with my T.

Best wishes and good luck on your journey, you have the right thoughts in your mind. Angela xx


Great to hear Dean give me hope, I am really struggling at the moment 3months since mine went from mild to loud and intrusive, never been so miserable ever....


That's fantastic news Dean and I am so pleased to hear that you are feeling a lot better. It sounds like you have found an effective combination of tactics that are working for you at last. Onwards and upwards and keep us in the loop as you progress! Best wishes.

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Its a big ladder keep climbing Dean.

Great news.

All the best Sammie


Lovely to read your message. I am having a hard time, following the loss of my husband of fifity years and being house-locked with the weather. Sound Oasis is great at night - but I would be interested to know what anti-depressant you are on. I take an occasional nip of hemp oil (without the psychosis part) but am not sure whether that makes me any calmer. Certainly a positive, calm attitude - and knowing that there are others with the same problem - gets me through the day. Best of luck in returning to your former self!


Hi. This must be a very testing time for you.

I take fluxotine and it’s been around 7 weeks and they have really helped but only after week 5. For a while they made me feel unwell and my tinnitus spike but I’m definitely healing .

Wishing you all the best



That's great to hear Dean!

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)


that's great to hear Dean when i got the T in December 2016 even remember when and where i like everyone else your first emotional response is one of annoyance and for months after i treated it with contempt, i mean how dare this sound ruin my life, then i change my perspective on it and even gave it the name Billy buzz, so now me and billy are mates with me back in charge, Some days Billy really pipes up and tries to take over but im the boss and always will be

I think its very important to change your view towards T to give your own mental health a break

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