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Self diagnosed

I've recently been subjected to constant buzzing in ears, doctors seem to think I have a blocked inner ear tube, but I'm sure I have the dreaded tinnitus and it's really getting me down and I'm worried it's gonna get worse. I'm 45 years of age and play in a band so I'm guessing that's where the problem has come from, doctors say my blood pressure is high and I'm being fitted with a monitor. I've basically given up alcohol and cigarettes as seems to make it worse .

The sound increases when I turn my head and neck . Need help any suggestions as I'm driving my family nuts

How can you stop thinking about it when it's all you can hear

Cheers folks

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The weird thing is it feels like I have water in my ears and they ache a lot . Strange


Certainly if the eustachian tube is not letting air in, the head noise would be louder. As for a 'blocked' ear feeling - have you tried pinching your nose and blowing down it gently - to push the eardrums out? I have to do this constantly ... particularly if I have been up or down steep hills!

Good luck.


Yeah I do that but the problem still exists, when it's at it's worse the noise changes as I walk along. Stress makes it worse also drinking and smoking . Living life like a nun


Me too. The noise mimics movement, traffic, sound, everything. Bit depressing, but heigh ho. We move on and keep fingers crossed. I'm so hoping that help really is coming.


Hello and welcome to the British Tinnitus Association forum. Do feel free to ask any questions, I hope that you find this a helpful and supportive place to help you manage your tinnitus.

I would strongly suggest visiting your GP as its fine to self diagnose tinnitus - it is purely a sound - but it shouldn't come with pain. They can refer you to audiology for help and support as well as investigating any hearing loss.

We have some resources that you might like to check out in addition to our home here:



Helpline 0800 018 0527 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) (outside the UK you can call +44 (0)114 250 9922)

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)


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