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My best day yet!

I have been up since 6.30 this morning and now at almost 4pm, my constant noisy companion Mr T has been silent all the way through! Is this the most upredictable condition ever? I don't know why it has suddenly eased off but boy oh boy it feels great to have a quiet head! I started using CBD oil in a vape a few days ago and it didn't seem to be doing very much for me. Last night though, I increased the amount I was using and today has been my best day yet. Maybe I am wrong as it could be due to anything really but if it's the CBD I would be a very happy chappy indeed as something finally would be working for me! I'll continue to experiment with CBD ( and hot steamy baths ) and keep you posted.

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Good for you! Let me know how its going, as I was thinking about trying it myself.



please keep up the reports. Any sensible methods that seem to help are worth testing out.

Can you quantify what amounts you use when you next report


Hi Sundial,

I am new to CBD oil and was a bit wary about trying it to be honest but it seemed to be a bit of a miracle cure for so many ailments I decided to go for it. My chosen method was vaping and the guy in shop where I bought the oil used it himself to ease the pain of arthritis in his hands. He suggested adding just a couple of drops to my normal juice which I did but it didn't do much for me. I increased the amount every day and I am now using 5 drops. The trouble is I don't know how long it takes to kick in or if I am using too little so it's all experimental at the moment. I have had one virtually silent day so far but not sure if it was due to the CBD or not. It's very expensive at £30 for a very small bottle so at this rate it won't last long. My next experiment will be to try taking it orally using oil from a well known high street outlet who retail it at £19.99 a bottle. I'll keep you posted!


Just jumping aboard the habituation bus, I've had a run of 8-10 good days with the T. For the last week or so it's been there and noticeable, but not overly intrusive and not upsetting or really bothering me. This is a new record for me after a horrendous 14mths of largely unrelenting tinnitus, so I've been jumping for joy over the last few days. I'm aware that there will be more ups & downs in future and I'm not expecting that it's going to be plain sailing from this point - in fact, the racket is back at full volume today - but it's the best state I've been in for over a year. Hopefully I'll be able to see more of these fallow periods as time goes on.

Keep fighting kids.


I am so pleased to hear you have had over a week of peace and quiet and although it's back, at least you've had a decent break from it. Before I developed T, I would never have believed it could be such an intrusive debilitating condition, especially when it spikes for no apparent reason. I am trying everything I can at the moment to try and get the volume down to a level I can live with but T is so unpredictable, just when you think you have it licked into shape, back it comes worse than ever! The experiments continue!!