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30 Minutes of blissful silence

I was at the physiotherapy clinic this afternoon for some treatment and when I got home, I felt a bit stiff and sore. I ran the bath a good deal hotter than normal and the bathroom looked liked a steam room. Before I got into it, my tinnitus was raging at around 8 on a scale from 1-10 and here's the really weird thing...after a few minutes of lying soaking, the tinnitus dropped suddenly to almost nothing. I just lay there in disbelief and relished every second of the peace and quiet...for the first time in months. I don't understand why it suddenly calmed down, whether it was just me being very relaxed or whether it was the hot steam but something had an effect on it and it was simply blissful. I lay there till the water was almost cold and needless to say, once I got dried off and dressed, the T came back. Maybe it was just a one off but I'll be trying it again tomorrow night to see if it happens again.

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Keep us posted 👍


did you put your head underwater?


No and I was also very careful not to get any water in my ears. I just lay back as normal and relaxed and the T just faded away!


i think you have to try things out and bit of luck might find something that helps you feel better , good luck

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I've head from a nutritionist that steam is good for tinnitus , I'd like to go to sauna at local health centre but me in a swimming costume would be too horrific for others !


This used to happen to me when I took a shower when I first got tinnitus over three years ago. I used to wonder if it was the steam. Maybe I was right.



When you do get a quiet period it's amazing. I tend to sit around listening to silence for ages and I would to anything that might upset the balance. The dog gets a lot of grief if she barks on a quiet day. I will try a hot bath sometime soon.


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