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First post a question about my tinnitus

Hi all I've been suffering from tinnitus since August last year I've had buzzing/ringing/thumping/distant fire alarm sound and also pulsatule and sometimes 3 sounds at once

I'm having jaw investigations for TMJ and wear a lower mouth guard at night since September which I'm not sure helps or not, last weekend the buzzing really got bad for 2 days it was all I could hear and then seemed to be on and off, the last few days it's gone when I wake up but within an hour or so it's back I wondered if anyone else has had this?

Seems a lot of people's are bad in the morning where mine isn't,

Any help would be appreciated many thanks

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It sounds like Tinnitus and Hyperacusis in their early stages. Furthermore, are you on any sedatives? Or sound masking therapy for your condition? Certainly, you remind me of my introduction to the world of internal noise some 3 years ago. Know that in time you will get better soon as I have. You have come to the right place for help.

Best wishes for a better 2018.


Invest in the Oasis sound machine from this site for better sleep and relief from Hyperacusis ( buzzing noise) and your pulsatile Tinnitus. They cost around £60 from the Tinnitus Association with the pillow speakers. I have plugged mine into 2 large speakers on my window sill, the effect is astounding on white noise mode, my buzzing noise is completely gone..

Hope this helps!...

Best wishes


Thank you ah I'm disappointed now as I thought maybe it was all going to go not that it could be the beggining! I don't know how I can live with it forever I'm only 40 and have so many issues this just brings me down and makes me so irritable,

I'm not sure about using any sort of noise to go to slee with I've always hated noise and need to slee in silence no clocks ticking and I wear ear plugs due to my husbands breathing/snoring lol


Hi Foxymum. I am also suffering with tinnitus but mine is a loud hissing with a high pitched whine like a dentists drill and some days it drives me almost to the point of insanity when it spikes. However, some days it seems to settle down to a more moderate level and it becomes just about bearable. Getting off to sleep at nights has not been a problem so far and when I wake up in the morning, the volume seems so be down but comes back up as I start to get active. I've had it for a few months now and I am at the stage where I will try anything! I am going to start keeping a diary to try and indentify spike triggers and I have also started vaping CBD oil today,as apparently this can calm down the central nervous system. I hope you eventually find a way to cope with it and if you do, please let me know what it is!! Good luck.


Wow that sounds bad I don't think mine is anything like that I would probably say it's mild to moderate but hard to judge as we can't hear each other's can we!

I take all sorts of vitamins that are supposed to help and I also got some Ginko Biloba as I've read this can help literally spent a fortune on vitamins,

Hope the vaping helps you and things improve


I am halfway through a course of zinc tablets as I read on the internet they might help. I asked my GP if she thought they would have any effect and she more or less said as they were not prescribed, it was my decision! So far, I don't think they have made any difference but I'll finish the course anyway. I also thought about trying Ginko so can you let me know how you get on with them. Isn't it disgusting that tinnitus sufferers like us have to resort to swapping ideas about medications and methods to try and help. It's high time there was some serious research done on tinnitus to try and find a cure. The NHS simply tell us there's no cure so learn to live with it. Easier said than done as we well know!


So true well said . Nhs don't have a clue.


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