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Lump and bad tinnitus

Hi I have had tinnitus for about 6 or so months now, it’s getting worse and driving me mad. I’ve also had a hard painless lump behind the same ear for about 4 or so months. Doctors gave me antibiotics about three weeks ago which didn’t make the lump change what so ever. I now have an appointment with ENT and audiology. I have no idea what is it has anyone had the same? Thankyou in advance, I’m starting to get worried now

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Hi, I've been ill for about 3 months and i too have developed bad tinnitus, I've got swelling around my jaw. Did they look into your ears?


Yes doctor looked in my ear and all was fine, I don’t have ent appointment until 18th January. Have you been to the doctors?


Yeah, I've got my ent appointment but not until March even though they said it was was urgent, and i have been lots of times, each doctor says different things, one doctor says she can see fluid in my ears, you might have an inner ear disturbance, which doctors can't see that far down, hopefully you'll get more answers for your ent!


It’s so frustrating isn’t it! My doctor thought it was an abscess behind my ear and could be pressing on a nerve so that’s what’s causing tinnitus, but he said it was odd it was hard, painless and no redness. He gave me antibiotics which didn’t work and then said he would refer me once I had hearing test. But then my original doctor range me and said she wants to refer me straight away as may need a mri. You just don’t know what to do when no one communicates do you! Thankyou, I hope you do too! Happy new year xx


Yeah it's very annoying! Maybe that's what's causing it then, you'll know once you've had your MRI, I'm thinking about getting one too. My tinnitus is in both ears, my doctor said my left one is worse, I get pain in mine, so scary, sometimes I think i might end deaf! :( I try to stay away from loud noises and happy New year too! Xx


Hi Maria! I too have a small lump underneath my right ear, to be fair it is just slightly to the left of my right ear and not actually underneath it. I've had it for two years and is completely painless and sometimes changes shape and size. My GP sent me for scans just in case it was a neuroma but the scans came back clear and it was decided the lump was a lymph node that would eventually disappear? However, it is still there?

However, I got a second opinion from another doctor who concluded that as long as I didn't touch the lump it would go away but again, it is still there?

As for your Tinnitus, it will eventually get better with time. I know it is loud at this time of the year ( winter time ) and I find it is louder on stormy weather days which mystifies me that the weather is a causal factor.

Rest assured, things will get better in time. If it very distressing ask your doctor for a sedative to help with the trauma. Oh and ask to be referred for a scan for some reassurance.

Best Wishes for a better 2018!


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