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noise free days have started

Hello, I am new here.

After several years of non stop Tinnitus (of varying intensity) I have started to have days when my ears stop ringing. Usually I have 'NORING' (as I call it) all day until early the next morning. As this appears to becoming regular I have started to log the NORING days to build up a picture.

I use white noise via an MP3 player and on my iPhone using headphones to get relief, normally with just one earpiece in. This enables me to get to sleep fine.

My Tinnitus often increases markedly if I have an afternoon nap. It's not just my perception as the change can be huge.

question: Has anyone else experience of the kind of 'remission'?

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That’s great news that you’re having some days with no noise.

I also have days with no or very little noise too. Usually this will be about two days each week, occasionally if I’m lucky I can have three or four days in a week without the noise but this is rare.

My T basically sticks at the same level I have it at when I wake up in a morning, so if it’s good I know the whole day will be good, if it’s bad then the noise will be there all day too. I wonder what happens when I’m asleep that sets up the sound for the next day?

Anyway, it’s great you’re getting some days off and I hope you get more and more of these as time goes on.



i am so happy for you .


Hi sundialsoft i get days when i dont hear my tinnitus and earlier this year having had tinnitus all day as I went to bed one night it disappeared completely I lay there listening to pure silence and I was told once your brain does it once it will learn to do it more often so may it continue.


Hi, Sundialsoft,

Great news that you're having some quiet days and long may they continue. As you log your "noring" days, perhaps you could note also any activities you're involved in. That may help predict when you might have an off day which, in turn, could take the sting out of it a little.

Respectfully submitted,


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Hi sundialsoft,

Im pleased for you that you are having days when you dont hear your tinnitus, that must be absolute bliss....Ive had T for just over 2 years now and i was beginning to have quieter days but for some reason that seems to have become more elusive. I now only get one day a week where its not so noticeable whereas i was getting these at least twice a week. Not sure whats changed as Im not doing anything different except wearing my hearing aide with built in masker more frequently. To begin with this seemed to be helping but now its not, so dont know whether to continue using it or not.

Do you use a hearing aide with masker?

I also fall asleep with it in. Not on purpose as always mean to take it out but some nights Im asleep before i get the chance to do this but i am wondering if this is over loading my hearing system and thats why T is playing up. Or its to do with the weather as all these storms/low pressures do seem to make a difference. Who knows....but one things for sure, I am not letting it get to me as hopefully it will improve again wishes Lesley


That's great news (I nearly typed noise!) sundialsoft.

Quiet spells like this are like your first steps riding a bike - they gradually get longer and more confident, so keep it up!

Best wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

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