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Dinner dance disco😊


I was wondering if anyone could advise me. On Saturday I am going to a dinner dance and obviously loud music will be on the agenda.

I have bought some party plugs from BTA, but they do say that incorrect use could be harmful.

Earplugs aside, I am really really worried that I might end up with my tinnitus being worse. Also, I don't really drink, but I feel uncomfortable about even having a couple of gin and tonics 😂😂 in case that too makes it worse.

My tinnitus was medication induced and I have had it for about 6 months. It is horribly loud and constant, but I feel I am just starting to cope with it better and am terrified to do anything to set me back!!

Any advice welcome, and thanks in advance.

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Hi Curlew,

You are still fairly early on in your Tinnitus journey and it's understandable that you will be anxious about aggravating things. However, you mustn't let tinnitus be your master and stop you doing anything that you would have done before. You should definitely go to the dinner dance and have a couple of G & Ts - they won't do you any harm at all. You should just take simple commonsense precautions. Read the instructions that come with your earplugs and make sure you know how to insert them correctly. Don't put them in until the music starts and try and distance yourself from the loudspeakers. Don't be alarmed that if on Sunday you get the impression that your tinnitus is worse. You will probably find that you are listening to it to see if it is any louder and the simple fact that you are listening for it will make it seem worse. Keep yourself occupied and things will soon get back to normal. Regard the whole experience as one more step towards habituation.



Thankyou so much for your quick response J, it is really helpfull and much appreciated. I intend to enjoy myself but at the same time want to take sensible precautions and advice.

Best wishes to you,



I have similar worries to you Curly, albeit in very different settings. I stress myself about going to the football, as I'm worried that it's too loud and could exacerbate my T. You need to think about what is 'too loud'. Tinnitus doesn't make you any more susceptible to hearing damage than anyone else, so as long as the music isn't dangerously loud (90db>) you should be alright. Other people aren't going to be leaving the dinner dance with impaired hearing and ringing in their ears, so the volume is likely be at 'safe' levels. That said, as John had advised, don't sit next to the speakers!

Re the booze, I know that drinking alcohol does make my T worse. But I also know (or think? I'm not sure) that alcohol can't possibly have a physical effect on my hearing, it just lowers the filters within my brain that tune out some of the noise. I'm pretty much teetotal lately, which is a big thing for me, as I do like a pint or 6, but I've finally got to the point thanks to the T that the price I have to pay in terms of the aftermath outweighs the enjoyment I get from having a drink. So if you do have a drink and it makes your T worse, know that it's probably only a temporary blip.

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Hi Curlew, go with the flow, take your ear plugs and have a couple of g&t’s. I go out once week for a meal and enjoy my gin, as I did before tinnitus came along. You will hopefully forget about your T for that evening. Love, Angela xx


Thankyou all for your kind replies. The T is bad enough, but worrying about what is and isn't a sensible thing to do is even more tiring! I fully intend to enjoy myself, will let you know how it went 😊 Hoping you all have a good weekend.

Thanks again, knowing others with this weird condition is such a help.👍


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