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There is still a life with T

Hi nice people,i haven't posted for a long while. I started T around March time this year. Its really hard when you first get it. Suddenly you get this ringing in your ears,thinking what have i done to deserve this, first off mild panic sets in,how i'm i going to cope with this for possibly the rest of my life.I found the first six weeks the worst. Then very slowly i did get used to it ,on a scale of one 1--10 its around 5. I know it could be worse and also a lot better. I love my soul music, still go to DJ events always wearing my party ear plugs. Just come back from a soul weekender in Bournemouth,and it was noisy even with my plugs in. I always wonder why it needs to be so loud, and what damage it does to peoples ears. Did my love of soul music cause my T. I saw the dream girls show in London in late February and i'm sure it started after that. I do try to avoid loud noises, if i'm cutting the grass or hedge cutting i use ear defenders. Some people might be a little self conscious about wearing ear defenders around the garden, DONT BE , you don't want to spike up your T. If i go to a pub or a cafe or restaurant and the back ground music is to loud i always ask them to turn it down politely , if you don't ask you don't get. If i'm walking along the road and a noisy vehicle gets near i put my fingers in my ears,don't worry if people see you doing this it's not their problem. For me up to a point i know what spikes up my T.So i try and be a bit careful.One thing i do find that spikes it up i believe is my snoring and i also do this holding my breath thing , and my wife gives me a nudge to wake me up. I'm off to an ent appointment tomorrow at my local hospital. I'm pretty sure there's not much they can do for my T, but i'm hoping they can help me with my snoring issue. So there is life with T and don't forget there are a lot of T sufferers out there . It's been my pleasure writing this post, if it helps anybody, then that will be good. Neil

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Hi Soul64. Sounds like you're coping pretty well with your T. Sensible precautions and slow, (I was going to add "steady" but in most cases it's not) progress is the name of the game. With respect to your snoring it does sound like you have sleep apnea if you frequently stop breathing for short periods. My wife has this and has to use a CPAP machine at night. This is a machine with a hose connected to a mask that fits over your nose and it gently creates a positive air pressure which keeps your airways open and stops you snoring. It's not very glamorous and with the associated slight hiss of air I call her Darth Vader :) Your ENT should start things off with a device that monitors your sleep and how many times you stop breathing. Personally I find the hiss of air a welcome distraction for my T and I think I would quite miss it now if she stopped using it.



Thank for the info john. I'm hoping that ENT will start the ball rolling with my sleep apnea. Iv'e called my wife a muppet a few times but never Darth Vader. Neil


Good reassuring words

. Really pleased that you got the better of T


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