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Am I the only person here delighted when my tinnitus is loud ?

I woke up baffled as to why my Hyperacusisis wasn't howling inside my head. I could't make it out, things were very ,very quiet until I realised the source of the quietness was my Tinnitus up full volume acting as counterweight to the Hyper-hearing. I'd become so used to Tinnitus that my brain was no longer registering it as the nuisance it started out as. I wonder if any of you guys have the same situation ? I have been trying for some -time to use Tinnitus to mask the awful sound of my Hyper-hearing but with no real success . Last night it worked. I have had limited results using " white noise on my generator. I find after a long sleep my Tinnitus is on full flight but the conundrum is how to that great nights sleep. Again, am I the only person here that welcomes Tinnitus as a familiar friend ?

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Not really the same, but I remember a time when my T had reduced to a gentle warm sizzle and I actually quite enjoyed listening to it. Seems like a lifetime ago now, wish those days could return!

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I take your point, I too have moments like that, I guess when you think back to a gentler time when you were less stressed and in better circumstances, Tinnitus was mere detail rather than the big-Elephant in your bedroom.


Hi. I am pleased you have found a way of being with your tinnitus. I accept mine in so far as I'm not anxious about it but find the pain and aggressive nature of it and ' keep going ' tiring .


Thank you Lindsay, it's nice to here from someone who has come to terms with their Tinnitus and accepts it for what it is , their normal. However, I'm sorry to hear about the aggressive side of its nature such as the pain you describe. In the early days of my Tinnitus I too had painful ears and headaches which still effect me but not so much these days. I use my Tinnitus to drown out my Hyperacustic noise whenever I can, but more often than not, the hyper-hearing wins out. Right now I'm living in a world of noise and somehow I still manage to sleep, but like you I find it tiring. It's good to keep on going, as you say.

best wishes.


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