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my first post

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i have been diagnosed as having tinnitus and i am waiting to have an MRI scan which in itself is a bit daunting. I am a new comer to this forum and not sure where i am going with this, whoever what i can say is I have had tinnitus for 4 months where the sound in my ear is more or less non stop. I have had over the past couple of years on and off symptoms of tinnitus. At present I am finding it very difficult to cope mainly at night with this and that's the reason I have joined this forum and hope to move forward with this condition with the help and can receive from you here. thank you

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The MRI scan will just be routine. It's not the most enjoyable of experiences, but needs must. Bear in mind they'll be doing the scan with the intention of confirming there are no problems, rather than finding what the problem is.

Re struggling at night, some low level background noise is the way to go. Find something that you can focus on without exciting too much activity in your brain - a fan running, a radio tuned off station etc. There are loads of sound generators that can be used with little pillow speakers if needs be and then you'll have a range of nature sound etc to choose from. I have 'distant thunderstorm on a remote lake', but TBH I am getting a bit fed up of that after listening to throughout the night for the last 12mths.

Learn as much as you can about T - understanding the condition can be vital in being able to manage it.

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martin2017 in reply to Ruud1boy

Thank for the advice and the quick response. I will work on your advice and see how it goes.

Hello Martin

I wish you well for your T recovery. I hope that it is only temporary a that your hearing returns to normal. The BTA is a great site for advice. Also, lots of first hand experience on this site.

Kind regards


Thanks for your comments

Just an update on my condition, for the past week the sound in my ear has become less intense but I have a feeling of light headedness which ranges from annoying to really full intrusion that will make me get the parasetimols out.

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