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New sound


I haven't posted on here for a while. My tinnitus has been up and down but other health problems have kept me distracted. I've now got a new low frequency sound and I'm really struggling, I can't find anything to mask it and it's waking me up. I'm feeling depressed anyway because of my health and this is making me feel worse. Just posting for support really. Does anyone know of any good masking sounds or websites for low frequency sounds?



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Hi Georgia,

I'm sorry to hear you have other health issues and I know how the low frequency sound feels like .

I found a fan sound helped me and was a free app off play store that had 4 fan sounds.

I bet your daughter has grown up lots since last time you were on here.

I hope your having support for your low mood too to help cope a little better.

Love glynis x


Hi Glynis

Thanks for the reply. I've just got an app off the play store. Helping a bit. I'm getting help with my low mood but it's so hard. I'm back in the vicious circle again. The sounds getting louder because my brain can't ignore it and then I get depressed. I was coping quite well until this happened.

How are you?

Georgia xx

Btw. I haven't got a daughter, wish I had, that would be major distraction!


Hi Georgia,

I have you mixed up with another

I'm fine thank you .

I hope the app helps .

Love glynis


Hi Georgia, do you have in-ear white noise maskers? If you're under the care of an NHS audiologist it may be something they can provide you with. They certainly help me on bad T days. Good luck, Steve

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Hi Steve,

I do have the maskers but struggle with them because I've also got hyperacusis. I haven't been to audiology for a very long time. I guess I should go back and see what they say.

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Hi Georgia, yep, I would maybe revisit Audiology. Also, if you're accessible to London, UCL Hospital are looking for volunteers to take part in studies to help tinnitus sufferers particularly relating to insomnia. BTA would be able to point you in the right direction. 👍🏻 Good luck, Steve


I have NHS maskers. I got a very patient Audiologist who took time with me to set up my maskers. The first lot were set up with white noise. They didn't really help. They have not been set up with brown noise and that is very good. I can now watch tv in the evening without the usual problems.

Pester your NHS until the help.

Good luck on your journey. Wishing you peace and quiet.

Kind regards



Georgia - I only get that low sound when I am dehydrated ...I now drink coconut water which has a high potassium level (apparently!) and it seems to help. If only our limbic system wasn't so close to our audiological system we might not get so emotionally affected.

Be strong!



Hi Berry,

I'll try the coconut water. I must admit I've not been drinking much recently and I get dehydrated very quickly due to another health problem. I never gave it a thought. It's so hard to be strong but I'll try! Tinnitus is exhausting.

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I feel your pain, I find brown noise really good. I listen to it every night on my laptop and have to leave it on for the whole night incase I wake up as I would never get back to sleep without it. It has really helped me. You can just search for brown noise on Youtube and there are lots of different ones, I listen to a 10 hour loop lasts all night. Good luck we are all here if you need us


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