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Hey it's ell

December 21 2016 I went to the doctor with a flu I was told I have a hole in my 60clock Left ear I was assigned to a ear specialist which I went to see February 14th 2016 back up so January 2nd 2016 I started feeling fullness in my ears it itches one night water like rush out my ears and it started to make and hissing sound low pitch now it's way more higher then it began my ear I explaned how I felt he said there is nothing wrong with the ears this is after the hearing test etc o asked so what's up with the hissing sound he said he doesn't know let's monitor it come back in 6 weeks I went back 6weeks afternoon change now it's 8months after my right ears did the same thing I paid attention 19th august .. I need help on the 19th itch ran water hurts starts ringing I need to have and idea what's wrong no hearing lost

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Hi. Sorry to hear you are experiencing what to me sounds similar to my tinnitus , you will find people on the forum have different ' presentations' / types. There will be others who can offer you positive stories and ways of managing and things that have helped them. I wish you comfort and can send understanding


Hello Ell and welcome to the forum. Hopefully some of our members will be along in a while to offer help and support.

In the meantime, you might like to check out our sister website to find out more about tinnitus and managing it. Our main website is full of info too.

If you have a question that you'd like answering straightaway, our helpline is open on 0800 018 0527.


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