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Post wedding

Had a lovely time yesterday at my friends wedding despite T misbehaving. However silly me forgot to put ear plugs in as cant hear conversations very well with them in and today my usually quieter side is making itself heard. Not screamingly loud but enough for me to notice it. Having said this, the left side has become more noticable over past few weeks since Ive been using the HA for right side so wonder if this has something to do with it. Due to go to audiology/tinnitus management clinic on 1st september so will see how it goes and if necessary see if they can give me a masker for left side. Was given a type of ear plug looking thing for this ear but cant hear very well through it so haven't been using it. Oh the trials and tribulations of this beastly ailment. Just when things look to be improving, along comes Mr Angry T to remind you he/she hasnt gone away....😤xxx

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Hi Lesley, I was initially given a hearing aid only, for my right ear, where I heard the tinnitus. Within a week, there had been no improvement; in fact my tinnitus had moved to my other ear too! I was so distressed - my audiologist then gave me a white noise masker for my left (no hearing loss) ear. Over time - and as you know, time is all we have in dealing with this beast - my tinnitus became quieter. Most days I no longer wear the white noise masker (have a new one with pink and seashore noise too) as I have habituated (most of the time). I certainly need my hearing aid though, as that alone lessens my tinnitus, although my hearing loss is so slight I don't need it for hearing.

Glad you managed to enjoy the wedding, despite the T. That seems to be the way, doesn't it - "enjoy life, despite our tinnitus".

Love and best wishes, Angela xx

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Thanks Angela, like you i have slight hearing loss in right side where tinnitus is worse so dont need hearing aide really but it has built in masker which does help with T when Im not at work but it seems to make left side worse when i wear it so reluctant to do so most days. Just tend to grin and bear it and use white noise app of an evening which helps with calming it down enough for me to sleep. Its so tiring though isnt it to have to do all these things. Well todays the start of another week so lets hope we both have a good one. Love Lesley xxx

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Yes, Lesley, it is. I was at a family BBQ yesterday and I do find it tiring. But why is what I would like to know- is it having the constant background noise so our brains have to deal with an extra level of information? Even when I don't hear it - like yesterday - I start to feel stressed with all the conversations! Today, I can hear a quiet background hiss - plus a headache (get those a lot more too) plus the ear pain. If I were the crying sort of person I would be in tears today!

On a nicer note, my sister is on hols for a week so I am going to her house twice a day to look after the cat 😀

Hope your T settles, love, Angela xx


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