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Tinnitus- How touch are we!!!

Tinnitus- How touch are we!!!


I enjoy watching these shows where members of the public are put through an SAS type course. Running for miles, lots of push-up, swimming in bogs and sleep deprivation. It all sounds like it will really push you to your limits.

The last one I watched was in the jungle and tested people to the extreme. The final test was for them to sit in a quiet room with headphones on their heads which played distressing sounds. After a few hours most were broken after being emotionally destroyed.

24 hrs without sleep. We can do that and not bat an eyelid and still put in a day's work

One had a baby crying playing in his headphones and turned into a jibbering idiot. Another one had white noise playing. Come off it. I don't know about you but I listen to that for relief. It just shows what touch cookies we are.

Keep up the good fight!!!!


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I like my white/pink noise too. Xx


I love white noise and brown noise too :)


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