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Well-being v Tinnitus?


There is no doubt that my T feels a lot worse when my mood is low. When I am happy and bouncing around it goes into the background. When you are low it is like it is waiting there to feed off your negative emotions and drag you lower.

I try to think of my "well-being" as being a bit like a storage tank of good energy. I have to work each day to keep it topped up. Small things like eating well, sleeping well, taking time out from work all keep it going. Supporting a friend or helping others really work for me.

I cycle a lot so that is good for me. Taking a few moments to watch nature really works. Spoiling yourself is a winner on all fronts.

When you have a bad T day and other work stuff happens then I can really feel the tank getting empty very quickly. I usually have enough reserves to get through difficult days but occasionally take a chill pill and have a early night.

My suggestion is that when you feel good then do lots of more good stuff. It will top up your tank and help you get through a bad day. Don't wait until you feel low. By then it's too late and you could be running on empty.

Hope that it works for you.


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I try keep my tank topped up too!

Been a tough year loosing my dad last year and then my mum few weeks ago...

Going through ok hours and not so good hours each day and Tinnitus and lung problems too...

Going be a granny again in 4 weeks so mega tank boost...

Love glynis

ade-the-pade in reply to Hidden

Hope that you get plenty of good stuff and that tomorrow gives you loads to smile about.



Yes Ade, agree. But, it can still catch you out - I had a lovely day on Saturday catching up with a cousin ..... no tinnitus. Still no tinnitus when I woke up Sunday morning .... then it reappeared, giving me a headache with it all day! Why? Ps I had only a soft drink with my pub lunch!

Love, Angela xx ps today it is quiet again. How I hate this alien in my ears and head!

My t is pretty constant. It did stop for 20 minutes once. It was bliss. Glad that you are getting some time away from it

Keep up the good fight.



hi ade, im always wondering about feeling good and T, do you feel good because your T is low OR is your T low because you feel good? chicken and egg i think mine doesnt go as low as it used to after nearly 5 years only recently seems loud all the time and very seldom feel good cheers craw

Hello craw

Good question. My t is pretty constant in right ear and hyperacusis in left. The whole thing does get me down so mood and t levels go hand in hand. A bad t day will drag down my mood without a doubt. However, when I feel good the t is easier to deal with . Even if it is of the same intensity. I have had it more or less constantly for 15 months. I have forgotten what normal moods feel like. My t and well bring are so intertwined that I now find it hard to separate them.

What are your thoughts.?


Well. My Mr T hates it when I enjoy myself, it will creep up on me when I'm overtired but at the moment he's sulking because I'm on a cruise in 19 days and he's coming with me whether he likes it or not. And when I get back I'm taking him to the Wolves games. He'll soon spit his dummy out then!

Keep positive and don't let Mr T dominate.

Well done Ade

Very positive. Can we all send our T on a cruise then sink the boat?

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