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Note to self

For the last week, Ive been using my hearing aide to help my brain switch off to the tinnitus and so far it seems to be working this time. However Im at my Dads house for sunday lunch and low and behold the battery has died on me and i dont have any replacements with me, a note to self, must make sure I keep a few in every handbag so if this happens again, I will always have a new one.

I am pleased though that it seems to be working this time around and think that when i was first given one, i wasn't mentally prepared to use it, and maybe thats why it didn't have the desired effect. Mind you i have been using it at nightime too and think this initially helped. Will see if things continue to help with masking T x

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Hi Lesley nice to hear your Tinnitus is helping to calm your brain I always carry spare batteries with me just a note to say try to avoid wearing your hearing aids at night I know it's difficult to have to hear your Tinnitus but your ears need to get some air in them wearing them 24/7 is not ideal have some background noise on to help you. Love David

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Hi David, I don't wear it every night but sometimes Ive just fallen asleep with it in. Most nights though i take it out when i can feel myself nodding off. I do use sound therapy at night too.

Its been a bit hit and miss and since Im back to work and Ive had to lower the hearing volume sometimes as it gets too much but if I put it in as soon as i wake up whatever time that is, it seems to help more than not so i will persevere with using it.


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