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Living life in the rear view mirror


I have had T in one ear and hyperacusis in the other for 14 months. I'll not bore you with the CBT, audiologist, mindfulness and medication details. Most of you will have "been there, done that". This evil thing can rob you of so much with each day and event by a trial in endurance. However, here I am still plodding on and try to get the most out of life.

I have two young kids and try to ensure that we do lots as a family. All the usual things, trips to the park, days out and family holidays. We plays a lot of games and we now have "no TV " days. This is to make us do more things together.

There is not a day goes by that I do not suffer from T. The hyperacusis can make the rustling of paper make my head feel that I am having a root canal filling.

However, on a positive, when I look back at all the photos of days out I am actually smiling. Also, when I remember the day out, I remember the fun that I had and not the T that was present. It does not feature at all it that day

I suppose that I am putting happy memories in my memory bank. This is one place in your head that the T cannot reach.

So my advice, do as many happy things that you can. You may not enjoy them at the time but next week you can think of them happily without the T!!

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Making happy memories is so important and putting in extra effort to enjoy them even if don't feel like it can soon be something nice to get through the down times .

Reach out for good times and go at your own pace when times are tough and concentrate on improving how you feel without trying to make others happy as they are in charge of that so don't take on their problems during tough days...Love glynis

adeosoba, you're doing exactly the right thing. It's really important to try and live your life as you did before getting T. In fact if possible you should get out & about with the family even more than you did before. It's good for both you & them.

PS. I had to laugh when I saw they had added a link under your post for "Root Canal Filling" :)

Totally agree. I have bad days and good days, but try to crack on regardless and not let Tinnitus alter the way I approach life. Really bad yesterday but had a really fun day doing the tourist thing in London with my wife yesterday, which will be what I remember, not the flipping T.

Great post, I'm totally with you on your attitude to this pest in our head. Ive had a brain tumour, meningitis, paralysis, deaf in 1 ear, hip operation and more. Now I have T!

No doubt you will have private moments you share with your T but to smile and carry on with life with your family beside you makes life worth living.

Respect Adeosoba, good on you


ade-the-pade in reply to GDJTAM

Thanks for that. I do have bad days when I want to crawl into a hole. But wife and two young kids gets me through.

GDJTAM in reply to ade-the-pade

It's my 29th wedding anniversary today, woke up to the clangers in my deaf ear and Kaa the jungle book snake in my other. So, took a cup of Tea to bed for me and the mrs, had breakfast, opened the cards, Kids texted us "congratulations" (I suppose it's the thought that counts!), Cut the lawn, went out for a meal and then got home and checked in on-line for our forthcoming cruise.

Graham 1 Clangers and Kaa 0

It sure feels good to stick two fingers up to T!


Hi lovely positive post & I think you speak for some of us who have got this horrid condition it takes over your life if you let it & can spoil your enjoyment of your favourite things I still hold dear my love of life and still get pleasure of doing things. David

Thanks to all for taking time to add positive comments to my post. We all try hard with living with T. We all fight our battles in our own way. We are all still here so we are winning.

I have a diary by my bed and I am meant to write in three things each day that I took pleasure from. Some days this is just impossible and I have to dig deep to find things.

I usually come up with small things that I have noticed. eg

1. Noticed that two goldfinches are now nesting in tree in my front garden.

2. Did not punch the guy who said "Tinnitus?I had that once. It lasted nearly a day"

3. Went to restaurant. Forgot about my tinnitus after third bottle of red wine. Tomorrow is going to be hell but £*%$ it!!!!!

Enjoy the sunshine



That's a great way at looking at life. I'm another person who tries to note in my diary two or three little moments of happiness - mine seem to revolve around nature, food and (sometimes) my fiance!

Great attitude to have. Keep taking it a day at a time. Have you tried white noise generators at all ?

Thanks. I have two mgs markets. The do help in the evenings to watch tv

Kind regards


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