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Tried everything

Been suffering with T for 7years now,took the usual route, doctors, audio clinic at the john Radcliffe in Oxford, sent for a scan, hearing aids fitted, now don't use them, didn't help at all, then tried acupuncture, hypnotherapy, still no help, now been taking sertraline 50g a day, for the last 4years, find this is the only thing that helps me put up with it, don't like taking them, worried about long term affect. how do others cope, my T seems to be worse in the evening, and night,

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The tinnitus clinicians I've spoken to would suggest that you're focussing to much attention on the T and in doing so you're continuing to feed it and keep it going. The advice I've been given is to reduce the attention on the T, focus on other things and in time, the impact of the T should reduce. Easier said than done I appreciate and I'm currently in much the same position as you in trying all sorts to try and alleviate the suffering, but it appears that this is the best the experts can offer at the moment.


Hi Youngbob, I can sympathise with you a lot. It took me about 15 years to "habituate" to my T - basically, its still there, but I don't notice it as much. Bedtime and early morning are still a problem - now into my 17th year. I took up yoga when I was first diagnosed as this was the only thing that made me focus on something else - and it was the only time I don't hear it. It amazes me the amount of men in my yoga class - all there for a different reason - but it all comes down to the same thing - the stress of modern life , and I believe stress is the biggest issue of all for T sufferers. Over the 17 years I have become a different person - the T has changed me as I have had to learn different coping mechanisms; I walk away from confrontation, I switch off to arguments, I listen but don't hear unpleasantness - I don't listen to the news in the car on the way to work - they all used to set my T off to the point I couldn't think straight. If I can give you one bit of hope - it does get better.

Stay strong

Jane x


Thanks Jane

will keep on going, some days hard to cope, don't think there will ever be a cure in my lifetime, so like you just got to get on with life the best you can, i find keeping busy helps me., but sounds like it may be a few more years until i habituate to it.


young bob


Hi youngbob. This may sound odd but "Tried Everything" I think is part of your problem. To constantly search for different treatments that will reduce the volume of your T is going to be a fruitless search. Ruud1boy is right - all it does is to keep you focused on your Tinnitus. If there is a secret to habituating to your T it's first to accept that you are going to have to live with it - you're never going to make it go away. Then you need to disregard it altogether. Don't give it the time of day. Totally ignore it and carry on with what you enjoy in life. It's not an easy thing to do but I think it's the best way forward.



Hello there. Sorry that the things you've tried don't seem to have worked for you. Can I ask how long you tried the hearing aids for? They aren't an instant fix, and hearing aids basically need to "rewire" the brain - and that takes time - generally around 4-6 months. However, they are effective in 80% or so of people with tinnitus, so worth persevering with.

Many people do find their tinnitus worse later in the day, when they are tired, and when there's less noise around, so using sound might be helpful, or relaxation techniques.

Why not try our free tinnitus e-programme at

Best wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager)


Hi Nic

Thanks for reply, i tried them for around 18months, audio clinic did tell me it would take time, but around 9 months to a year they thought, so after 18 months with no change, decided not to carry on, will take a look at your e-programme.

thanks again

young bob


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