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My new constant companion, "Tinnitus"


I've only ever had tinnitus when I've had severe ear infections in the past, but it's alway disappeared with the infection. This time around the infection was really bad & as a result the tinnitus won't go away! And, as many report, it's way worse at night because it's so quiet, the tinnitus gets louder. It's been 2 months & though it's more stable (the constant ringing I mean), I still can't hear out of that ear. So far I've tried several noises/sounds for sleeping & it's always a different one that works each night, but brown noise & constant rainfall are 2 of my staples.

I read that ingesting salt makes it worse , yet some sites say you need salt. I even tried a Himalayan Salt lamp, but it seemed worse that night. Any thoughts?


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HI Tbass,

Hopefully your tinnitus will go away like before in time. I suggest that you use sound therapy at night (sound machine) as sleeping in a quiet room will make your brain focus more on the tinnitus and it will appear to be louder and more intrusive. Please click on the link below and read my post in the "list" replying to Steve, titled: sound machines.

All the best




Hi there

It can take a while for tinnitus to go away following the initial ear infection - I speak from experience. It sounds like you are doing the right things, such as using sound at night.

In terms of diet - a healthy balanced one is best. Hydration is very important to the ears (which might seem odd until you realise the hair cells for your hearing are bathed in fluid) so drink plenty, although probably no caffeinated drinks late on in the day. The odd alcoholic drink won't hurt, but again, moderation.

Best wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager)

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