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Ringing/Buzzing in my ear…

Hello… Can anybody help me?

I have been suffering from an ringing/buzzing in my ear for an couple of months. I have been to the doctor's with it twice now. The first time a doctor said it was block up with wax and the second time another doctor told me it was my inner ear tube was block and it will goes away after 5-6 weeks. It is still ringing/buzzing. It feels like I am under water all the time. I've been using remove wax drops (Otex Express and Sodium Bicarbonate, but they don't work.

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Go back to the docs and ask them to refer you to ENT for a more thorough check. Fingers crossed the problem will have gone before you get an appointment with ENT, but if not they should be able to give you an idea of what the problem is. Also, don't use Otex - it's basically just bleach. Medicinal olive oil is usually the best bet.


I've tried using medical olive oil - it didn't work. I had the same problem with my ear in 2010, had lots Hospital Appointments they said it was Glue Ear. I am going back to see my own doctor.


Hello and welcome to the forum. I would suggest going back to your doctor and asking for a referral to ENT, who should be able to help. Glue ear can recur, and although it is more common in children, it does happen in adults too.

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leave it for six months at least it will probably go away.........if not go back to GP


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