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Never the same since

Contra21Contra21 3 hours ago 1 Reply

8 yrs ago i would get the spins in my sleep. Dr dr and drs juat give me bppv. Two years ago i had two horribke episodes whike awake. Mri physios heating checks amd they says it was bppv. I see a chiro that specialises i vertigk and ever sibce i sae him i can sleep. Although i have ptsd from another attack even thouvh its been over a yr and a half in the clear but tinnitus is getting worse and worse roaring popping loud interchanging ringing in ears but mistly in left with fullness with feeling unbalanced like its about to happen but doesnt. Any help pls x i feel my body is falling apart

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I would have a chat with your doctor and see what medication would be best for you with how you feel.

Cinnarazine 15mg tablets for menieres and tinnitus might help or Betahistine or buccastem or Proclorperazine.....lots of love glynis


Bit i dint have menieres thats what they said.


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