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Pink noise

Morning, listened to pink noise from an iPhone app last night in bed and it definitely helped me sleep, though I listened through ear buds which was uncomfortable. My T is a roaring/loud hissing noise mostly so anyone else like that maybe give pink noise a go.

It's a bit tricky though as I'm severely deaf in the ear with the tinnitus so couldn't really hear the pink noise through that ear but it did still help to hear it through the other-Bev x

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Hi Bev, nice to read that you're a bit further along on the tinnitus journey. Hope you continue to make positive progress. We all need time and patience to tame our T. And hope! Love, Angela xx


Hi Bev,

Not sure if you are a member of the BTA and get the Quiet magazine you also can get free CD's of white,pink noise etc from the BTA shop !.....lots of ĺove glynis


I just tried to listen to pink noise on youtube, I had no idea they have white noise, pink noise, fans.. I will have to test them out. thanks for bringing this up!

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