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1 night at a party and i suffer all week

i was at my daughters birthday party in a local edinburgh pub last sat. it was busy and had apiano player with drum machine and vocals playing. i had my hearing aids in as my hearing is very bad, and was talking abit loudly but didnt think music was excessively loudi thought my hearing aids would compress the sound,i was chatting to friends and family BUT 2 days after it my T has gone through the roof. on a scale of 1 to 10 mine is 19 horrendous;ly loud even white noise not helping, i used to play drums and have cut right back to 1 gig every 6 weeks ive lost that great feeling when i played as i use earplugs so now it seems i have to stay out of pubs with music and cant attend parties for fear of it affecting my T i loved playing and listening to music .now my LOUD T,means i have to say goodbye to many things i loved. ive suffered for 4 years and it doesnt get any better for me! now im afraid to go into pubs clubs or play my drums even with the ear plugs in.and wonder if and when myT WILL REDUCE!!!!!!!!

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Hi Drumcraw,

Sorry to hear your tinnitus is off the scale and after having a nice time also.

Hope it settles over the weekend for you and if not maybe pop in see your doctor get your ears checked.

Try keep relaxing music on to help you stay calm and if you can try get out for a walk.

Tinnitus can be mental torture at times and hopefully soon be through this rough patch.

Keep posting for support as we do understand....lots of love glynis


thanks glynis, this is the worst its been so i dont know if anxiety about making it worse has made it so loud or the fact that just listening to the loudish music has made it worse! i have a cold also and have a gig soon practice nights too so i hope it dies down i really dont wanna stop something ive done for 50 years!


Hi Drumcraw. Sorry to hear you're having a bad spike at the moment. When this happens it's always tempting to look for a cause and sometimes you can put it down to stress or a cold or something but I think for most times there just isn't a cause. That's just the nature of T I'm afraid. Don't know what others think but I think your night at the pub 2 days earlier is unlikely to be the cause of your current spike. I think it's important not to let your T get the upper hand and stop you doing what you enjoy. Just be sensible and wear earplugs when you know you're going to be in a noisy environment and you should be ok.



thanks john

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It sounds llike a cold virus has spiked it so just do what you can keep sound on around you.

Like john says enjoy what your doing and wear noise reduction plugs and see how you get on but if your ears start having more trouble you might need to re think about whats the most important !

....lots of love glynis

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Hi Crawford, sorry you're going through a louder time with the T. Having a cold doesn't help. I was doing ok but then caught a horrid virus - 6 weeks ago - which is taking a long time to go (a mild glandular fever) and so my T is a nuisance. Goodness it is tiring having to placate this defiant intruder which has taken up residence in my brain/ears!

Love, Angela and hope you soon have quieter times xx

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thanks angela


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