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Never had a low engine sound before

Good morning everyone,

Since my 'glue' ear last week has cleared allowing me to hear again ( on my non deaf ear ) ,I've noticed a sound ,which at first I thought I'd left the heating on or someone was outside the house with there engine running. I'm beginning to worry ,no sound will mask this at night ,as it's such a low constant droll , the only way I'm sleeping is by putting my finger in my ear !

Anyone!? Regards Sandy

Ps . Before my partner fell alsleep last night he asked me if I'd left the heating on ! I was so nervous and freaked out .....could he hear my ear ? Needless to say there wasn't any house sound ...

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I know what you mean.

I had it for weeks with my other sound and could not sleep .... Hope it settles down for you ....lots of love glynis


Hi, if your husband could hear it maybe it is an external sound? Especially if putting your finger in your ear helps? Must be disconcerting to be hearing a new noise though, hope it goes away soon-Bev x


Hi Bev , unfortunately it's definitely me . It's an odd one ,when I'm driving it's fine as it's the same tone as my Diesel engine !!

Regards Sandy

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Oh I see! I've just discovered the extractor fan in my kitchen masks mine perfectly! But I can't go live in the kitchen, any more than you can go live in your car I suppose! Nice to know there's some relief somewhere though - Bev x


Hi Sandy, 12 years ago when we moved to our apartment I would often hear what I thought was a generator or a car engine running but didn`t really think anything about it. It was not very loud and never stopped me going to sleep. And I never noticed it at any other time of day.

Then in October 2014 after a cold virus I lost a lot of my hearing and developed tinnitus in my right ear - noises like the boiler running or the sound of the fridge. Turned out that what I could hear was the noise of my heart and circulation. I was told that the reason I could hear this is because the carotid artery runs very close to the hearing nerve and that`s why I was picking up these sounds. It`s just the way I`m built. Could that be the cause of your noises?

It`s been a long journey for me - I was very distraught at the beginning but now most of the time I don`t really hear it and if I do it doesn`t bother me the same.

Hope this helps. Love Lynne xx


Hello Lynne,

That's interesting ,a couple of years ago I had a Ct scan to check out the arteries,as I had pulsatile tinnitus, the result was normal .

I do believe this has something to do with my eardrum having fluid behind it , along with that vertigo . When I went to bed last night I realized the sound had gone , has returned this afternoon , funny thing is it gets louder when a car goes past the house ........

Thanks for your reply,it's so frustrating, but there we are !

Take care Sandy


Ears - mysterious and complex !! It`s possible you may find a reason for your tinnitus Sandy and hopefully get it treated. I do hope so. Love Lynne xx


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