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First bad days since hearing aids


Hi there, got my hearing aids a week ago today and they've quietened my tinnitus a lot when I'm wearing them and seemingly for an hour or so after I take them out, until yesterday.

It was loud yesterday morning but quietened when I put the aids in but I was aware of it all day, much better than bad days used to be but still...took them out at bedtime and it's been blaring all night and still this morning.

The hearing aids have helped a lot but I feel so unprepared somehow, like I used to feel in the beginning, scared and like I can't cope with bad days. I was doing a lot better with the bad days before I got my hearing aids, why should I feel like this now?

Feel bad for moaning, I'm glad I've got something that does help, finally-Bev x

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Hi Bev,

Spikes can give you a bit of a wobble when been doing really well.

Maybe you have a cold starting etc but try stay calm it will settle down gain .

Keep sound on around you thats relaxing and know your hearing aids will help and this spike will pass.

I know they are tough to go through and make us miserable but try get out for a nice walk when you can ...

Keep posting for support ....lots of love glynis

Mrshanson in reply to Hidden

Thank you Glynis, seems to have have settled a bit at the moment. I don't think there's any real reason for the spike to be honest, my T is always very up and down, I'm hoping it will settle down more in time, especially as I get used to the hearing aids.

Trying to keep busy, had a lovely walk by the sea the other day, we're very lucky to live at the coast.

Hope you're well today Glynis -Bev x

Hidden in reply to Mrshanson

Ears a bit naughty but im fine.

My daughter in law whos having a second child played me a recording of her babys heart beat in her tummy yesterday Aww!

Sebastian whos 4 soon was so happy hear it too...

Lots of love glynis

Mrshanson in reply to Hidden

Aw how lovely! I had my daughters heartbeat recorded on my old phone. They say you can tell the gender based on the speed, faster for a girl, like galloping horses, slower for boys, like a steam train! Supposedly! -Bev x


Could be a girl then 😊....lots of love glynis

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