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Using hearing aide without a masker


Hi everyone, hope peeps are ok.

I went to tinnitus management app yesterday and i requested to have one the masking sounds taken off my hearing aide and just have one settings as a hearing aide. My reason for this, is that i thinking the masking sound makes my tinnitus worse and just want to see how i get on with just using one setting as a hearing aide only. I stiil have ocean surf and pink noise just in case. Used it yesterday and my T was high in the morning but later on in the day and after using HA, it settled right down. Obviously need to give it a few weeks to assess how it goes in different environments etc but if this makes things easier I will carry on. Does anyone else use there aide as a hearing aide only and does it make things better or worse.Lesley x

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My hearing aids and maskers seem to ramp up my tinnitus now so I only wear them when its way off the scale.

The Nortryptaline seems to keep a lid on my tinnitus and get on with my day apart from Menieres flair ups then use my hearing aids to amplify sound and if no sound to amplify I put the tv on etc as the white noise doesnt do anything when ears go nuts.

Always best to try things out to find what works best for you to manage your tinnitus.

Keep us posted on how things go...lots of love glynis

Similar to Glynis, my maskers can occasionally make my squeaky morse-code T louder, but when it's off the scale I still find them a godsend. I don't have HA's as it's only my high frequency hearing that's affected....too many rock concerts in the 80's... but days of not being able to hear properly and tinnitus was kind of a badge of honour back then....I'd avoid it like the plague knowing what I do now! 😫

Hi Lesley, I only use my HA as a hearing aid with no master and it works for me. When I first put it in it takes about an hour for the brain to realise it can hear outside noises better and it then tuned into that noise which then alleviated my T. When I get to lunchtime I can barely hear my T as my brain is used to focusing on something else.

I wish it was cumulative though. I have to go through every morning with the same setup, taking about an hour for the T to subside. So much so, I have resorted to sleeping in my HA to be able wake up with less T. Bizarrely, your hearing is the only one of the senses that your brain doesn't let sleep so it still picks up background noise while you are in the land of nod ....a pain in the bum for T sufferers!.

Let me know how you go with just the HA.

Best wishes


Hi Lesley, 2 years ago I was given hearing aid for high frequency loss right ear which was also the tinnitus side. In a few days my T had moved to the left ear! Audiology then gave me a white noise masker for left ear and still wearing HA right ear. This was a godsend as my T eventually settled with some days my not hearing it at all.

I went for hearing test a couple of months ago. My hearing remained the same. I was given new hearing aid with a choice of pink noise or ocean surf. The masker for left ear has white noise, pink noise and ocean surf.

My T has become bothersome but I don't know whether it has been caused by the new sounds or a horrid virus I had for 5 weeks (now almost over that 😀)

I have today gone back to hearing aid only for right ear and white noise for left. As T is such a mysterious beast I too am thinking that it is being annoyed by the new pink noise. I have my sound oasis on rainfall all night which helps me sleep - plus the cherry juice etc.

It is all a nuisance and I resent the way I have to manage T which takes up too much thought-time!

Best of luck and keep us posted, as I will. Love, Angela xx

Hi Lesley, just wondering if it has made a difference yet ?


HI everyone

Hearing aide versus masker update so far. On friday wore it from 3pm till i went to bed. Saturday morning woke up and T barely audible and did not use hearing aide at all and T stayed at lower level all day. Sunday woke up and T was a bit noiser so wore hearing aide for most of the day and it eventually calmed down. Monday back to work and T was a bit louder so used the hearing aide all day. Tuesday woke up and T quieter again. Today i know its there but not as loud as it normally is.

Seems to me that the days following using hearing aide, my T is much lower. Its early days but so far Im pleased with the results and Im not using the masking sound. I am still using the sound enrichment at night though. Will keep up dating my progress.


that sounds very promising! XOXO

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