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Hello. Help


Hello. I'm new here.I'm in my late 40's and been suffering from Tinnitus for many years now but its never been intrusive in my life before. Until now that is.......

I have it in both ears but predominately its loudest in my left. Over the past couple of months I've noticed a change in pitch and volume which now makes the sound very difficult to block out. In the last week alone, its become alarmingly loud.

I suffer from balance problems as well for close to six years now. I experience pressure in my middle ear and in my sinuses plus I get fluid behind my ear . Been to ENT , jumped through all those hoops and got nowhere. No one knows what it is & I've been told to "man up and deal with" for want of a better phrase.

I'm here just to look for some support / kind words / motivation to keep going really as I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with all these ailments at once. i'm rather daunted by this continued challenge I face at this stage of my life . Its not getting any easier .....

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Hi Andy

I'm sorry you are going through it at the moment, I hope it calms down soon for you.

Man up yeah I know it' easy to say but no one knows about this sort of stuff unless your going through it.

Don't think you need to man up here, let others really know what you are going through you never know you might get the support that you really need.

Sorry I'm not a lot of help, I read posts and suffer with T.

Cheers mate Gary

Andy0708 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the reply. This is becoming a lot harder to deal with than I first thought. I've never denied I had tinnitus but its never been so prominent in my life before. I've genuinely been staggered at how much louder its got recently. Its kind of shocked me really. Given time I hope it'll be more manageable.

Hi Andy, we all know what you're going through. I was referred to the local hospital audiology following my ENT appointment where I was given hope. I was given a hearing aid with masker for right ear with slight hearing loss, and a masker for my good ear. These, together with Mirtazapine to calm my anxiety, plus the support of my forum friends on here, has seen me through the most difficult time in my life. It takes time. and 2 years on my T has quietened so that my life is almost "normal". Oh and I joined the BTA who provide advice. Their website gives you all the information you need to take the first steps to coping. Angela xx

Andy0708 in reply to Angela-H

Thanks Angela. Very much appreciated. Hopefully I'll pick up some useful bits of information & ideas from this forum along this journey I face.

Keep posting for support Andy. Two years ago I truly didn't want to carry on. Time will settle it. Your T has been quiet before so that should give you hope. We're all in this together. Angela xx

Hi Andy0708

I'm a bit puzzled as to why ENT did not give you any clues as to your balance problem and other issues you have regarding your ears, so to pack you on your way and say man up seems a bit insensitive.

I'm assuming that you had a hearing test while at ENT and that showed no hearing loss if that's not the case then I would try for another referral for a test to rule out any hearing loss which might be why your experiencing an increase in your T, its just a thought.

Also, you might benefit from using sound enrichment at night, some forum members say that it helps so that's another idea worth trying,

Lastly, I'm sure that given this increase in your T you will find it less bothersome as time goes by. All of us feel sometimes we're taking one step forward and two steps back, but we all move forward slowly and surely in our own time and at our own pace and that's important, so don't get too despondent when things seem to be standing still things will improve.


Hi Andy, I don't know about being "Rather daunted". I felt total and utter despair when my T first cranked up to what I thought was a horrendous and unbearable level. But 3 1/2 years on I'm still here and I can truthfully say it doesn't bother me too much these days. It's pretty amazing how your brain can adjust to tinnitus and for the most part just filter it out. You'll be ok, but it does take time. It's not something that can be rushed. Take the advice about using sound enrichment at night. Getting a good nights sleep is the first step in dealing with your T.


I got nowhere with ENT just over a week ago. My dizziness isn't related to my ears but I have constant catarrh and mucus problems along with sinus pain and the accompanying pressure and pain on my forehead and top and back of my head. I've had the fluid behind my ear too.

I was told at a previous appointment in December that my sinuses and ears were clear. That was a different doctor to the one I saw just over a week ago. The one just over a week ago wasn't even listening but I sat there and went over and over, repeating the chronic catarh and mucus problems have been going for months. My eyes get filmy too.

I was told that he didn't know if it would clear up but hoped it would. What kind of answer is that?

I asked him if stress can cause excess mucus as stress can examine exacerbate sinus problems. No, he said, and then sometimes. Again, what an answer!

I totally feel what you are going through and this is the place to get support,advice and friendship. Coping with many symptoms is not easy.

I am sure my catarrh and mucus problems will clear. Did before. Stress is a big player I think. I had a breakdown last year and this latest ENT doc was telling me to chill out! Not providing anything to take away with me didn't help. I got very upset and decided to try fighting it with a holistic approach. Try something instead of nothing. Nasal sprays etc... have done nothing.

I am sure you will get better, just the time it takes can seem like forever.



Hi Andy

ENT isn't always the best place for tinnitus related issues - see if you can get a referral to a hearing therapist or audiologist. I'm surprised you've not been offered that already.

In the meantime, you might find our sister website helpful - takeontinnitus.co.uk - it is short bite sized modules on learning to manage tinnitus.

Another resource which might be helpful for balance information is vestibular.org


Hi Andy usually i can find an answer to most things but just read your post and realised that with tinitus there is no answer that really seems to make any sense, but totally sense where your at and part truth its times like these when people can literally move mountians, no stone unturned - so hey keep the faith and thanks for you reply earlier appreciated Dean

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